Paramahamsa Nithyananda's Avatar day blessings to the world

December 28, 2013


In today's (27dec-2013)morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda joyfully greets all those present at Bidadi Ashram as well as all the international viewers who have come together for his 37th Jayanti Celebrations. He shares his message for 2014 expressing how we can all be the cause for enlightenment by practicing authentic listening and being a catalyst for others to realize their reality. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- My heart is overflowing! Even though I can't afford to tell this word - I am searching for words to express my love. Each part of the world in different continents, especially the countries where now it is Midnight or late night, like UK, Slovakia, the European countries and East Coast. When I see the number of Devotees gathering in the countries where it is now midnight and late night, offerings. I want each one of you to know, don't feel you are not in my physical presence, you are in my presence. I just want all of you to know, all the love you offer through the various offerings and the puja, I accept all of that with my full heart and bless you all. I bless you all with a great, big, cosmic thathasthu. All over the world various ashrams, satsang centres are inaugurating various projects today. As offering to world, as offering to the humanity I bless all of you and accept all the offerings you are making for me and the world. Our first branch, Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad is offering today Guru Homa in the temple and anagana and inauguration of Nithyananda Vidyalaya in Hyderabad. And all the devotees in Hyderabad ashram I bless you all and accept all the seva you are doing to the world and I bless you all to enrich the world, blessings. Ohio -- Prayag Nithyananda Vedic Temple is offering 108 Naivedyams. Ohio I accept th Naivedyams and blessings. Blessings to all the devotees in Ohio USA. Los Angeles -- Arunachalum Nithyananda Vedic temple is offering 108 Naivedyams and I welcome all the devotes gathered in Los Angeles -- Arunachalum. I welcome all of you and blessings. The whole Nithyananda Sabah is filled in Los Angeles. So nice to see so many of you in Los Angeles temple, Nithyananda Vedic temple. So I bless you all and I accept all the offerings you are giving, blessings to Los Angeles. Seattle - Chidambaram I bless you all. I accept your great service of starting a Vedic library. Library for Sanatana Hindu Dharma. The gnanalaya is being inaugurated in Seattle today. I inaugurate gnanalaya and I also accept the 108 offerings, Naivedyams you are offering, blessings and Seattle I'm also inaugurating the largest mural of nagaraja in the US in Seattle through this declaration. And I am also launching officially the Annalaya in Seattle - Chidambaram, Nithyananda Vedic temple through this declaration. My blessings for the Seattle -- Chidambaram. Hope all of you are able to see all the countries and ashrams and temples. Next I am moving to San Jose in USA. This temple has been named as Madurai. Nithyananda Vedic Temple, San Jose - Madurai. Blessings to all the mahants, thanedars, kotharis in San Jose -- Madurai and I also accept 124 Naivedyams, San Jose is offering and I welcome all the devotees who have gathered in San Jose. My blessings to all of you. And formally I am inaugurating the gnanalaya one of the largest library for Hinduism in San Jose- Madurai today. And Oman -- Sivagangai I accept your Naivedyams, offering and I also accept your puja from the Middle East. Blessings to Oman -- Sivagangai. The Oman temple has been named as Sivagangai. Next Phillip Island Australia. Australia centre I accept the 21 Naivedyams you are offering and I also launce the centre of Phillip Island, Australia. Blessings. Saint Louis - Tirumala . The Saint Louis Nithyananda Vedic Temple has the largest Venkateswara in USA around 13 feet tall deity. The Saint Louis - Tirumala temple I accept your offering of 85 Naivedyams today, blessings. And Toronto -- Kailasam through this declaration officially I inaugurate the annalaya opening in Toronto -- Kailasam and I also accept your 108 naivedyams, offerings, guru homa and gita nakshatra abhisheka a new fusion concert, blessings. Offered in Toronto -- Kailasam temple, Nithyananda Vedic temple, my blessings I accept it. Thank you I am accepting. And I am so happy to see everywhere the love and offerings of devotee. Please understand don't ever think you are there in some corner of the world and will your offering reach me? In any corner of the world remember you are in me. So Toronto guys, Toronto -- Kailasam devotees and the Toronto the other temple priest who is visiting our temple as a guest I welcome all of you. I welcome you also , the other temple priests who have come. Thank you for coming to our temple and thank you for being here. I accept the guru murdi offerings and the Jeevan Mukti Vrata all of you observed for last 21 days and I am so happy, bless you all with a big tathastu.

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