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September 8, 2013


Today swamiji encouraged us to enrich our communities with Spiritual Truth to awaken ourselves and bring about a breakthrough in our spiritual growth. He said that every day the youth from all cities and centers should sing and dance and chant the names of the Lord. In addition they should take up the cleaning of some temple,waterbody school or park. This all should be done to celebrate the happening of an Incarnation in your life. This December 27 Swamiji will Initiate people to go for one year parivrajika to all the Jotiyr Lingas and Shakti Peeths of India. All these activities are to conquer the demon of incompletion and bring a new energy to live the 4 tattvas into your life. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, as a part of the Ganesha Brahmotsavam, Ganapati is gracing us on the Golden Elephant Vehicle. Ninth day of Ganesha Brahmotsavam. Tomorrow we have Ganesh Chaturthi. Let us move to the Nithya Satsangh. Today, I will expand on "ENRICHING". Life of a Shiva bhakta should be centered on enriching like Shiva. Please listen! Come to the space of listening! Mahadeva is embodiment of Enriching, continuously, continuously enriching the world, supporting the world, carrying the space for the world to exist, rejuvenating the world. As I described earlier, Ganapathi is embodiment of Completion with all impossibilities or the ideas of impossible. Ganapathi stands for Completion with all the "vignas" (obstacles). Brahma stands for Creation just through the Saraswathi who resides in his tongue, the power of Saraswathi. I bow down to that Saraswathi who resides in my tongue. Saraswathi is embodiment of the Knowledge. Brahma is embodiment of creating through the Knowledge. And Vishnu is the embodiment of sustaining a vast, beautiful, powerful space in which everything is happening. Vishnu means "all-pervasiveness". Vishwa is the all-pervasiveness embodiment where everything happens. Mahadeva, Mahadeva, Shiva is the embodiment of Enriching. Please understand, whenever you are stuck, you want to proceed further in your life, take up enriching as a lifestyle, you will have a breakthrough! I really tell you! If you are stuck in your business, if you are stuck in your career, if you are stuck in your health, if you are stuck in your relationships, understand, I am giving you the solution. Just decide to gather a few youth in your village, in your town, clean the common places like the road, or a temple, or a school, or a water body. I tell you, I am talking with logic, Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, you will have a breakthrough! Please understand, I am responsible for what I am uttering. Just gather a few people, inspire them, clean the water body of your village; you will have health! I am not talking in the language of middle-class morality. No! I am not talking in the language of middle-class values. Don't think. I am not talking like a service organization's head. No! I am talking spiritual truth, spiritual technique. Please understand, when a service organization says, 'Gather, Serve, Clean, Help', their context is different. When I say, 'Gather few youth, clean the common places like a road, temple, school, water body', I mean different context. When you take up this kind of work, the amount of enriching supposed to happen within you, outside you, unleashes a new Kundalini energy in you, new thinking in you, new awakening in you, new space in you, I tell you, you will have a breakthrough! Anyway, wherever you want breakthrough in your life, gather as a group, enrich yourself and others through some action. Why Jnanasambandhar, Sri Krishna Chaitanya, all of them were able to do so much? Why do you think Jnanasambandhar and Chaitanya were all able to enrich so many millions of people? They taught the science of helping yourself and others. Jnanasambandhar, in his biography it is clearly recorded, 16,000 lay-disciples and 10,000 sannyasis walked with him! Can you imagine? 16,000 lay-disciples, 10,000 sannyasis! Means, 26,000 people together walking with him, living with him! Is it a joke? Just 1,600 people, the amount of problems they create, amount of torture they give to each other and to the Sangha! HAHAHAHAHA...! 16,000! How did he inspire, how did he handle? I tell you, this enriching people in every village about the spiritual truths, especially Jnanasambandhar's method of "aadi paadi Annamalai kai thozha oadi pom nammadhu ullai vinaigaley". Means, "Sing and dance, worshipping Arunachaleshwara. All the incompletions in your inner space will disappear! All the incompletions in your inner space will disappear!" I can tell you, it is such powerful process, Jnanasambandhar and Chaitanya, the way they spread this!

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