Patanjali, SadaShiva & the Purity of Yoga

about 7 years ago


In this is a short video taken from the Yoga Webinar 2016 (, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the truth about the origin of Yoga. The father of Yoga is not, as so many people think these days, Patanjali - even though Patanjali was a great organiser of Yoga. Yoga originated from Sada Shiva, who actually was a being who walked in our planet, lived in Varanasi and still lives in Varanasi. Why should we be concerned with having the right knowledge and understanding about the origin of Yoga? Knowing the original source and original author is very important for keeping the purity of a tradition or knowledge branch. Knowing the originator, founding father, understanding his intentions and revelations is the only way for a knowledge branch to be completely revealed to the person studying. Knowing the origin of Yoga only comes by the right understanding of the originator and his intentions.

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