Photographing Minds: Patanjali Yoga Sutra 126 Nithyananda Satsang 28 Feb 2011

March 1, 2011


Today Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda described a very unique sutra-the science of Samudrika Lakshana. It stems from the concept that your body is the shell of your consciousness which is consciously and wilfully developed and designed by your will. This truth forms the basis of Indian medicinal systems (Siddha and Ayurveda) and the whole Samundrika Lakshana. By studying the physical set up, the revelation of the mental set up is revealed. This theory forms the basis of yoga. Yoga masters have done amazing research on how every thought works on your system. Altering the mind by altering the body's dimension is yoga. Altering the structure of the body by understanding the mind is Samundrika Lakshana. If you alter your body, major samskaras of your system can be uprooted. Your body is a shell consciously created by your will. With this understanding, constantly work on it. Don't leave blind spots unattended on your body. "In the Vedic tradition, the body is not just a machine. It is an entity with independent intelligence. You sit and design the skin color, hair, length, everything you sit and design. Every morning for 21 minutes-5 minutes after you are awake and 16 minutes before you wake up, that time plays a major role in the designing of your body." Nithyananda gave the audience the following task: "The moment you wake up, jump out of your bed. Every day you design your body, you design how you should look, how you should feel. You need to study 4 people and compare with the formula about your own body and mental set up. This samyama will give understanding about their mental setup and understanding on your own body and mental set up." Nithyananda himself studied this process under Paramahamsa Shivananda in order to better heal people. "Understanding on one's suffering mental set up will help you get out of it. Understanding of a mental set up will make it an object and you won't attribute suffering to your inner space. "Doing Samyama on this sutra will help you develop the purpose of your relationship. Learn to curtail relationships that bring you suffering. Place and energy connect, body and consciousness connect. So if you study this sutra, it will help immensely in your day to day life and your own understanding of your body and mind. You will know to alter your body structure and free your mental set up."

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