Pleasure to Upanishads -- Q & A with Nithyananda

September 29, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda declares that the biggest superstition we carry is that that life has any other pleasure besides enriching people. Once we begin practicing completion with others, we realize that the other person is also learning completion, therefore enriching is happening. Completion brings awareness to our thinking which will ultimately lead us to enlightenment. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today's Leela Dhyaan: Mahadeva is gracing us showing the Leela of: "VARUNAN VITTA KADALAI VATTRA SEIDHA PADALAM". Means the - I will give you the translation. Once during Sundareswara's regime, when Sundareswarar was ruling -- actually Meenakshi was ruling; Sundareswarar never ruled Madurai he was just going around and living. He was not involved in administration; Meenakshi only did all the work and during Sundareshwara's time, Varuna, the God of Water sent a huge tsunami to destroy Madurai And Sundareswarar, the Lord of Madurai, immediately sent a few clouds and sucked the whole ocean and dried them out and saving Pandya Kingdom. It was a powerful miracle. The power of Integrity of Sundareswarar. The moment he wanted, the ocean becomes dry, by the cloud. Mahadeva is gracing us in that Leela. We'll enter into today's Nithya Satsangh. First, I wanted to share a few truths then I'll answer your questions. From yesterday, we started the Science of Completion. Today is third day. We are going to enter into deeper levels of Completion. See, the Science of Completion is such, only after you practice few times you will even understand the importance of it. Verbally it can never be explained because, once you start completing, it opens a new world to you, altogether a new world, altogether a new energy. How much ever I may talk about Completion but only when you start sitting with the mirror and melting down, completing, really you experience the new world opening altogether for you, the new world which can't be introduced. See, in the Heaven, there are some things great like Kamadhenu, the cow which gives whatever you want, Kalpavruksha, the tree which gives you whatever you want, Parijatha, the flower never withers away, with eternal fragrance. Because there are few special things, you can describe Heaven based on those few special things but when you start Completion, what all will happen, everything will be special. So, I cannot introduce it by anything special. I cannot say, 'Do Completion. You will have Kamadhenu, you will have Kalpavruksha.' No, when you do Completion, you are going to have Mahadeva himself. What Kamadhenu or Kalpavruksha? Everything, everything right, everything good happens in your life when you do Completion. Completion is so powerful process, it takes you to a different space of existence, different realm of existence, different reality of existence altogether. Today we are going to be working on deeper levels of Completion and especially discovering the root-pattern, finding out the root-pattern. Sometime you discover, sometime you invent root-patterns. Please understand, because you are not able to discover, you mess up, mismatch, and you invent your own. I have seen people coming and telling, 'Swamiji, I developed this root-pattern at the age of forty-four.' It is not root-pattern; it is rootless pattern you invent. But anyhow, inventing root-pattern can be root-pattern. You have to complete with that pattern with which you invent root-patterns. Whether it is root-pattern or rootless pattern, or root-pattern of creating rootless pattern as root-pattern, it has to be completed. Everything has to be completed. It is in the existence of Completion. Existence is experienced by you, because Existence exists in existence of Completion. Understand, the Completion is complete Completion when you experience Existence in its Completion. I'll try to answer your questions so that you can internalize and intranalyze the whole Completion process and understand and live the whole Completion process. Questions? Ma Maneesha: The first question today is from Inner Awakening participant Dr. Franjil ID No.57. She is asking, 'If Enriching happens by an incomplete person, it doesn't really reach people. It might help the enricher but the other person might be going away instead of coming. Should the enricher be completely complete before enriching?' Swamiji: "Completely completing" will happen ultimately only with enlightenment. So, Dr. Franjil understand, Completion, Enriching, both are not supposed to be done one after another. Both are supposed to be done simultaneously. Please understand, in Patanjali's Yoga, there's a word called "Ashtanga Yoga" -- "Eight parts". Somehow, unfortunately, all the English Yogis have translated this as "Eight steps of Yoga". That one small mistake the"anga" word. "Ashta" means "eight"; there is no controversy. This "anga", instead of translating that word as "parts", it has been translated...

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