Possible to Live Enlightened in Matrix?

over 6 years ago


In the Q&A session of Glimpses of Sadashivoham (25 September 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda answers a participants question: Why is it so bad to live in the Matrix, since we live 99% of the time there. Would it be possible to live instead in an enlightened way inside the Matrix? Swamiji explains that this question itself is incorrect, and starts out by explaining about the Matrix analogy: Neo is the seeker, you.The spaceship is Bidadi. Artificial Intelligence, or Artificial Ignorance, are all the things we gave life, but which do not have an existential reality. Like the concept of currency or ownership, which is nothing more than a common understanding between all of us, for a certain reason. Many things which we gave life artificially, but which do not have existential reality, is Artificial Ignorance. Swamiji is not saying that these are bad, but having them as an authority is bad. They should not be our goal or purpose - life needs to have existential reality purpose and goal. If life has an existential reality purpose and goal, having Artificial Ignorance (currency, ownership) to support it is fine, but not the other way around.

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