Power Manifestation - The Royal Way to Integrity & Oneness

January 21, 2019


(MSS Continuing Education Program, 28 Jan 2018) Go on manifesting powers, is the message that Bhagawan gives participants after the first MSS program. Power manifestation automatically makes you integrated, He says. Manifesting powers does things beyond what we cognize, it stops time working on you, improves digestion, reverses disease, improves your health and much much more. And Bhagawan says, be ferocious in doing this. While integrity is looked on as aoral by a poor man, or a technique for the middle class man wirh ups and downs, it is simply a way of life for the rich man, and it is what is responsible for his abundance. Come be initiated by Bhagawan, manifest super powers as the royal path and experience of integrity and Oneness.

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