Power of Third Eye

May 24, 2007


http://innerawakening.org/ Awaken your Kundalini energy and third eye - Inner Awakening From the works of Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Nithyananda says all the eastern religion continuously works on techniques to open third eye. He also says that as of now although there are about five thousand techniques to awaken the third eye, giving attention to the third eye as a form of Chakra meditation is the easiest.This is one of the best free meditation techniques offered in the Shiva Sutras.The third eye expresses energy of pure consciousness and it is the most powerful energy center and most of the religions have worked on this chakra as a meditation for focus. This clip is taken from discourse titled Awareness is Gates of God -- Shiva Sutra, may be ordered at www.lifeblissgalleria.com

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