Pranayama Technique for Kundalini Awakening (Yoga Sutras 101) Nithyananda Satsang 23 Jan 11

January 23, 2011


Living incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda continued where he left off on yesterday's Patanjali sutra, Pranayama. Whatever may be the movement of the prana, whether the lungs are filled with air or emptied of air, what- ever may be the spot or time or how many ever number of times you need to stop as much as you can, to regulate the life breath. He explained that he is talking on Patanjali's sutras, expanding on this book, for posterity, so that technical knowledge and these most sacred and powerful secrets are not lost. He explained one more dimension of this sutra. Whatever way your breathing is coming out, whether in a hot place, coldest of places, whatever may be the action, time, whether you are eating, sitting, standing, walking, enjoying pleasures, experiencing pain, having a life of joy or depression - whenever you see that thoughts are being awakened and created during the breathing flow, stop it! This is not done by your hands, but by your will. This is what he calls Pranayama. You don't have to worry if you will die. He laughed and assured us, "You won't die that easily and liberate the world! When you use your will and stop the breathing, automatically at some point your Will will loose the power and again you will start breathing." The cessation of the mind needs to happen. Mind vibrates in a certain frequency. So it should end vibrating in that frequency and shift to another. Your mind needs to cease, to exist in the frequency it needs to exist. Whenever you breathe, except for the thought of breathing, stop the breathing immediately whenever any other thought arises with the breathing and surrender to the Prana. This will straight away send you to savikalpa samadhi and naturally you will move later to nirvikalpa samadhi. This is the most sacred secret for instant Kundalini awakening. In 2 to 3 hours it can awaken your Kundalini. Paramahamsa Nithyananda will reveal the deeper levels of sacred secrets in this sutra, in the next session. No thought and only breathing is what he calls Jivan Mukthi or living enlightenment.

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