Provide Authentic Listening to Yourself

January 2, 2014


In today's (29th-december-2013) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals that through authentic listening of the self, we can achieve self-completion. By listening to our mind and allowing it to speak, without passing judgment, we can melt down our deep incompletions. Completion is a required component to cause our reality to happen. Let us provide authentic listening to ourselves and bring authenticity to the cause of our existence! TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings! I’ll expand on the truth of Causing Enlightenment. Understand, when you want to cause enlightenment in others, don’t even expect the other person will understand either the depth of enlightenment or your sincerity. Please understand, your authenticity or what you are trying to do, its depth to the other person, for whose sake, I’m dedicating my life, those fools are only trying to hurt me! It’s like the root is abusing the fruit, but the fruit exists to become a seed and create more and more roots. And, I can put it in this way also: The root only supplies energy to the fruit and the fruit is abusing the root. Understand, that is what is life. If they know that they need our service, then what we are offering is no more service, it’s a business. Serving the person who doesn’t even know he needs your service is real sacrifice. That really needs strength, courage to serve! So, the first thing you need to understand, do not expect the other person will completely realize the reality of what you are teaching. Even if you help a person to get out of a headache, or knee pain, it is causing enlightenment! Understand, by giving one meal, if you remove hunger from him for the next few hours, that is causing enlightenment. If you just give a few clothes and help him to protect himself from the weather that is causing enlightenment. Giving him medical care and helping him to come out of some physical suffering, that is causing enlightenment. Giving him the knowledge of Completion and helping him come out of psychological sufferings and mental pains, it is causing enlightenment. Helping him evolve consciously and get enlightened, it is causing enlightenment. As multiple dimensions! Please listen! Align your whole thinking, whole life for others. The secret of success is: Your sincerity to be a cause for others’ reality. Whatever field you may be in; whether you are a doctor, or an engineer, or a spiritual leader, lawyer, political leader, social leader, a student, a teacher, whatever may be your life, your profession, your sincerity to cause others’ reality makes you successful. Your sincerity to cause what people want in their lives, that is the secret, that is the formula, that is the methodology for success. Be a catalyst for everyone to realize their reality. A lawyer should be a catalyst for everyone to get justice. A doctor should be a catalyst for everyone to have health. A politician should be a catalyst for everyone to have whatever possible growth, auspiciousness, good things in their lives. A teacher should be a catalyst for everyone to have knowledge. A spiritual leader should be a catalyst for everyone to have enlightenment. Decide that your life will be a catalyst for others’ reality. I tell you, when you start causing others’ reality, suddenly from thousands of directions, ten thousand hands will come and cause your life into reality. That will be caused as reality. I tell you, so much of auspiciousness will be showered on you. So many wonderful things will be expressed through you. Whenever I say, ‘Cosmos showers’, I can’t contain my smile. It’s like these school boys, when they fall in this puppy love, whenever their girlfriends’ names are uttered, they cannot contain the smile in their hearts. I tell you, my puppy love was this concept! Because this was told to me by Raghupathi Yogi. He actually demonstrated, still I remember. There was a Naga Linga flower tree in Arunachala Temple; I’m so happy these fellows didn’t touch that tree, it’s still alive, and it is there. The tree is still there in the temple. There is a place called Krittigai Mandapam where Raghupathi Yogi used to teach yoga to me and some more students he had. The tree is there, next to that mandapam. He told me, ‘Go and tell that tree that you will water that tree every day and that you will send your love to that tree for it to flower’. That tree was not flowering for quite a long time, he told me to do that. I said, ‘okay’, and started doing that. Maybe it took one month, suddenly one day when I went there isaw the whole tree had so many flowers!

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