Purify the connection between your Consciousness and your DNA

October 8, 2019


Through sound, your Consciousness and DNA is tied together. Wrong toxic patterns, toxic ideas, life negative ideas, when they enter into your DNA, when they become the connecting force between your Consciousness and DNA, you will suffer in life in multiple ways. If the right sound is the connecting force between your Consciousness and DNA, Superconscious Mutation happens. You just manifest Paramashiva. Whenever you feel, whenever you feel angry, whenever you feel lusty, whenever you feel sleepy, use those moments and intensely reverberate your whole being with Mahavakya – Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, with the decision: “Let my being, let my Consciousness, manifest itself through my DNA using this Mahavakya as connection point.” Satsang delivered on 25 September 2019

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