Qualities of Shiva: Shiva Ratri Message 1 by Nithyananda 2 Mar 2011

March 2, 2011


Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda began the Shiva Rathri festivities with a few truths about Shiva. "Shiva, the very word means eternal auspiciousness. Auspiciousness without reason or cause. When something exists without cause or reason, it's eternal. Even if you look at the extraordinary qualities of Mahadeva, when he sits in silence he puts people into enlightenment. Under the banyan tree, Dakshinamurty; when he dances, he puts people into bliss. Nataraja; when he destroys, he destroys all negativity. Kala Bairava; when he decides to show compassion, he can take any poison and swallow, no limit. When he decides to destroy, he will destroy even death, Yama. When he decides to save, he will go to any extent to save others, how he swallowed the poison to save the world, risking himself, his own body." "The grandeur with which he expresses the experience, he showers on people who even remember him, Sadhashiva, the ultimate Guru , ultimate Yogi, ultimate King, Eeshwara, ultimate Leader, ultimate Bliss, ultimate compassion, ultimate life. With all these qualities, he is not too far away, very easy to approach, easily pleased. Nothing much is required to please him. That is why he's called Bole Baba, easily pleased." "Today is the celebration of Shiva appearing as an eternal light shaft as Arunachala. Today is the day intense cosmic energy radiates. He enters the physical plane as a master, in the body, for people to experience all the auspicious qualities experienced as life and not just as a belief. He is the charmer of the Kundalini snake. He can play with the Kundalini snake which resides in every being." "Today is the day we are supposed to constantly dive into the qualities of Mahadeva. Shiva is filled with Ananda kalyana guna, thousands and thousands of auspicious qualities, so I'm picking up 7 qualities for you to contemplate on: 1. Fantasy less being 2. Being beyond fear 3. Being without worries 4. Sharing giving always giving 5. A being who's unique 6. So simple and easily available 7. Being in eternal fulfillment , Nithyananda" Nithyananda encouraged us all to dedicate this day towards our inner self. No outer world work, the whole day, only contemplate on these 7 qualities. Go on repeating the Mahamantra, the great mantra, the sacred sound, "Om Nama Shivaya." In preparation for the Kundalini awakening in the evening, he gave these 3 instructions: Fast, drinking only bale juice or coconut water, Remember the auspicious qualities of Mahadeva, And finally repeat the sacred sound Om Nama Shivaya, "Today we observe another important thing, the day to destroy collective negativity. I'll initiate all of you into the intense Kundalini experience now today for the whole day so that at night you can explode like Shiva and stand as a cosmic light being."

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