Question all your answers!

September 26, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda delivers a powerful new technique for completion. He tells us to question all of the answers we give to ourselves -- ask why to all of our answers and we will reach completion! Unfortunately, many of us don't feel that transformation is even possible. We don't think to question our own reality because we are exposed only to society's all-encompassing answers to our problems. Transformation will happen through the direct instruction of an enlightened Being. He gives us precise solutions, on an individual basis, to all of our questions. We discover that through questioning our answers, we arrive at a place where we can just be. This is the space of completion - the questions no longer exist and the answers have lost their meaning. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will expand on the subject I started yesterday, because I attended to only one dimension of that subject -- "Why? Why suffering?" Please understand, for this question there are some logical answers, some illogical answers, some imaginary answers, some intuitive answers, some interesting answers, some mystical answers, some intellectual answers, some emotional answers. I can say, all possible types of answers have been given for this one question. This one question is attended to so many times, the question itself is now loaded with so much of distorted meanings. Sometimes, so much is attributed to the question, so much of answer has been given, the moment you think of the question you feel your brain is burning. This is one of that type of questions. As I said, each answer leads to further questions, how this answer can be made reality for us? For example, Buddha says, 'Desire is root cause of suffering.' The next question automatically comes: 'How we can make this answer as an experience? How we can use it, apply it in our life?' Then that becomes a philosophy. So, each answer to this question becomes philosophy. Each answer to this question becomes a philosophy and whoever wants to become a philosopher tries to answer this question in a very innovative way, in their own way. As I said, some answers are good for intellectual stunt from stage. Sitting in the stage, you can do intellectual stunt like a all-encompassing answers. There are some which are not good to be uttered from the stage, but very good for the individual who is suffering because they will be precise solutions. The precise solutions, precise solution is such powerful, important need, please listen, I tell you without precise solutions, just with the encompassing solutions, people can spend their whole life, but they will be wasting it. I have seen this happening. I have seen many Hindu monks, Buddhist monks, Christian monks and nuns, I have seen many sincere religious leaders, they are not insincere, they are not unintegrated, they are very integrated; but, unfortunately they try to solve their whole life with all-encompassing answers. I wanted all the viewers, visitors, television viewers, devotees, to know very clearly now, if you are trying to achieve Completion just by the morning satang, you are doing the same mistake. All-encompassing answers will naturally lose precision. Please understand, it will naturally miss precisely addressing you and your needs. Precisely getting your ideas addressed, listen, danse suniya, precisely getting your ideas addressed is the most. Please understand, when you work with the Master closely, not only your questions, problems get addressed precisely, your ideas get addressed. Now you need to understand, I am adding this one word; I am giving a small twist. Many time, you may not have a problem or question with your settled idea but even that ideas need to be addressed. Sometime you settle down without any question, without any doubt, second thought with some ideas. Even they should be addressed. Many a time your bio-memory believes so strongly you are nothing more than the six feet body. You settle down with that idea. You may not even have a question or a doubt: 'Am I only the body?' You may just settle down thinking that it is a fact. Even that should be addressed. Please understand, from the dais, from the stage, the settled ideas in you can never be addressed. Only when you work with the Master, only when he helps you to find the precise solutions, the precise solutions, only that can liberate you. Only that can free you. Only that can lead to solution. Please understand, yesterday, I threw two words -- "all-encompassing answers" and "precise solution". These two words are the key words of yesterday's satsang. Today's satsang key words, listen, "not only answering your questions", "questioning many of your answers". Many of your answers need to be questioned: 'Why, why will you have this answer? Why will you have this answer?' Sometime, such strong answers we carry, we are ready to give up even our life, but not our answers.

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