Reinvent yourself

January 2, 2014


In today's morning satsang from Bidadi ashram Paramahamsa Nithyananda talked about this year's achievements. He said that it was a major achievement that all around the world everyone sits for morning satsang and everyone's enriching ability has expanded and exploded. .We have now reinvented ourselves with integrity and the confidence we have on ourselves and our integrity and this is the essence of this year's teachings. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, the Nithyanandotsava sixth day celebrations where the "Saptha Murthis" (seven deities) are gracing us in the "Vahanas" (vehicles)! Especially Brahmotsava! Today, as the sixth day celebrations, Swamiji's Utsava Murthi is decorated in the Leela of "Pavizha Kundru Jnanodaya Anubhava" -- Enlightenment Experience of Pavizha Kundru. Sitting and meditating in the Pavizha Kundru, and enlightenment, that is observed, that is celebrated by today's alankara (decoration). You can see the murthi siting and meditating. This is one of the biggest achievements of this year: Wherever we are, we are together for morning satsangh! We are together for morning satsangh! This is one of the biggest achievements. See, it is not a joke! Yesterday night, late night I came back. Nine hours flight, six hours layover! And more than my travelling, all you guys were sitting and waiting in the cold! Close to 2 am this morning, we reached the ashram. Everyone was there to receive! Not only me -- forget about me, because travelling is a lifestyle for me -- but all the sannyasis, sannyasinis, and the whole supporting team! Because the moment I landed, heat of the whole Bangalore went up, especially heat of the ashramites for various reasons! Now we will have to stop running and start doing so many things! And the birthday celebrations and everything! With all that, next day again, when it comes to Satsangh, everyone is here! I tell you, this itself is a great achievement! Continuously..... See, coming up to the level of my perfection, naturally will take takes time. But even what you have done this whole year is amazing! This celebration, I can say this year Jayanthi Celebration is the essence of what we have achieved so far. So, every department, in every field, what we have explored, what we have contributed to the world, what we have trained ourselves and others, the whole thing is now presented to the world. Actually, the essence of this whole year's satsangh is Enriching. Our ability to enrich people has increased multifold. Our ability to enrich the intelligence of the people, commitment of the people, skills of the people! Yesterday night 11 o'clock, when I landed, in the airport I am seeing such a large number of devotees from Bangalore! Bangalore Sangha, my blessings to you guys! I am very happy! Soon, soon, very soon, you guys can expect regularly me coming to Bangalore for satsangh and free Kalpataru Darshan! Understand, every morning satsangh and free Kalpataru Darshan! Our ability to enrich has a way exploded. Now, people know why they are doing what they are doing. This knowledge, this is the essence of the life of a successful being. Please understand, that makes you as a successful being. A successful being is a person who knows why he is doing what he is doing. Leader is a person who can constantly reinvent himself. Understand, inventing something outside is easy. Ability to reinvent yourself constantly, exploring the landscapes of your own consciousness, exploring the landscapes of your consciousness, the ability to explore the landscapes of your consciousness makes you a leader. Ability to reinvent yourself continuously for the necessity of the people makes you a leader, understand. No leader is born, be very clear! It is your ability to reinvent yourself that makes you a leader, because constantly people's tastes changes. If you are stuck with the old taste of the people, you are trying to use the old time-table of Indian Railways! Ability to constantly reinvent yourself makes you a leader. This whole year, I can say, through our satsanghs, we all have reinvented ourselves. So many different qualities we have reinvented in us. Somebody asked me, I think it was the Associate Director of the Nithya Dharmam show. He asked me, 'Swamiji, we are doing shows with so many celebrities, but you are the only one who never missed one minute for any of the shootings. How is it possible?' I told him, 'Integrity is nothing but the confidence we have on ourselves.' Now, when I look back, so beautiful! It is really, really beautiful! This year one of the biggest reinventions we have done is, we reinvented our Integrity as a whole Sangha. Not only me, as a whole Sangha! Now "clock" means, clock for us! "Clock" means, time is us! See, it is literally the clock is moving, time is moving.

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