Remember for the Right Reason

February 7, 2014


In today's (3rd February, 2014) Morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda delivers important insights on how incompletions happen. Patterns begin when they enter our system via our muscle memory by remembrance. We make patterns start happening in our lives when we rehearse them repeatedly -- they become part of our biomemory. We manifest failure when we relive these incompletions. Let us be conscious of what and who we remember, keeping the good stuff as members of us! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. I will expand on a few important truths about Completion and Kalpataru. Please listen! Incompletions just remembered become your muscle-memory; it upsets you, puts you in low mood. Incompletions rehearsed again and again become your bio-memory; when something becomes your bio-memory, you simply make that start happening in your life. Incompletions re-lived unconsciously become your failure. Understand? • Incompletions remembered become your muscle-memory. • Incompletions rehearsed become your bio-memory. • Incompletions unconsciously re-lived become your failure. • If you consciously re-live the incompletions and relieve them, it becomes liberation. So, listen! Step-by-step I am explaining. Remembering is the way anything enters into your system. Please understand, practice makes you a Yogi. "Manana" -- intranalysing -- makes you a "Jnaani". Action makes you a great "Karma Yogi". Remembrance can either make you a great devotee if you are remembering the right things, or, if it is an unconscious flow of remembrance, it can destroy your life and make you a failure. Please understand, what you remember again and again is very important. It is for the sake of right remembrance, the lifestyle in spiritual pilgrim centres or monasteries is taken up. One of my Swamis was telling me: 'Swamiji, there is a place where they make you speak in Sanskrit, think in Sanskrit, write in Sanskrit. Within fourteen days they will make you fluent in Sanskrit!' I immediately told him to find out the details. And I am going to go for that course! Please understand, I am going to attend this course! Even I know a little bit of Sanskrit. I want to speak Sanskrit fluently. I am going to attend this course. And my Swami said, 'No, no, Swami! We can get those teachers to the ashram to teach us.' I said, No, no! If you have to learn, you have to be a student. You have to go to their place.....' "Tad Viddhi Pranipatena Pariprasnena Sevaya" ("Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master, inquire from him submissively, and render service unto him"). Whatever offering you need to give to the Guru, with that, with that humbleness you need to go to THAT place. I said, 'May be some twenty-thirty of us, all our sannyasis, we will all go together and we will stay and learn in their campus, in their place.' Wherever you live, those things you remember. Please listen! Your remembrance is very powerful and very important. Where you stay instigates your remembrance. What you remember inspires your muscle-memory. Whatever gets into your muscle-memory, naturally finds place in your bio-memory. Whatever finds its place in your bio-memory finds places in your life. It is like, if somebody has entered your house, naturally he can find a place in your bedroom. If he finds a place in your bedroom, he can find a place in your bed! So, understand, be very careful about whom you are allowing in your house, in your bedroom. Don't be unconscious. At least, in the house, you know which is the hall (living room), which is the kitchen, which is the bedroom, and you can stop somebody in the hall or kitchen. But, in your inner-space, you don't know the clear demarcation of which is bio-memory, and which is muscle-memory, and all that. Yesterday I was seeing an ad, a big advertisement about some cigarette. I was thinking, 'Come on! In India, about cigarette and alcohol they can't put an advertisement! How they are putting this?' Then I understood. Below the advertisement of the is like making fun.....below the advertisement there is a line: "Tobacco Causes Cancer". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...! Understand, why I am talking about this advertisement you need to know. When you start smoking, it only starts as a remembrance. Without you even knowing, it already gets into your muscle-memory, it gets into your bio-memory, it just becomes "intimate" enemy! You want to get rid of it; but you neither can get rid of it, nor can you do anything about it. It becomes an irreparable part of you. Many times, anxiety gets into you as a security. But, finally, your army itself becomes your prison guard. Whom you think as your army, finally turns the gun towards you and he becomes your jail guard, your jailer! Anxiety enters into your home, saying, 'I will protect you. I will inform you whenever there is a danger. I will save you.

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