March 31, 2008


From the works of Living Enlightenment Master Parmahamsa Nithyananda. In this clip taken from discourse titled " Change the Unchanging Phoenomenon", while answering a question about idol worship, Swamiji says, respect every tradition and have respect to everything that exist in nature. He says that everything that exists both animate and inanimate objects responds to us. In answering a question about transition from meditation to idol worship, Swamiji says in both, the process is the same and the intensity is the same, there is no difference. He says adding meditation to worship will take us to a quantum leap. Answering to another question "how do I make worship as part of my life", Swamiji says when an Enlightenment being does spiritual practices it is not just for him, but to create a proper formula for the disciples to make worship part of them. The complete discourse could be ordered online at

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