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June 6, 2014


In today's (05th June, 2014) morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Hridaya guhya Dahara vidya. What you spontaneously think, understand and carry is what you brought from the last birth. When what you do is in alignment with the Inner, Outer Others and Life Images there is no conflict. The best of these Images is achievable; you just need to constantly complete with SDHD and constantly align with your declared best Image, again and again demanding authenticity of yourself. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I wanted to expand on this one truth -- HRIDAYA GUHYA THAHARA VIDYA! In all of us, please listen, in all of us there is a strong cognition which is spontaneous for us, which forms the core of our heart, core of our being, Hridaya Guhya, which is cherished in the cave of the heart. For some people, "I am this body" is the Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya. They function, think, do everything with the understanding "I am this body". From morning to evening, painting and cleaning (the body), externally and internally, takes the whole day; internal washing, cleaning, painting, external washing, cleaning, painting takes the whole day. Even the little remaining time they have, they will be working to get all this, understand. All of us have Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya -- in our heart cave, a natural understanding, a spontaneous flow of knowledge. Some people think, mind, name and fame, reward, joy, joy which comes when others praise you, that is you. If that becomes your Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya, the spontaneous knowledge about life, then whole life you run behind that stupid Nobel Prize, and, finally, you get rejected and dejected....and you go on teaching "How to Live" to people! You need to understand what actually your Hridaya Guhya, in the heart cave, you think as your spontaneous cognition about inner-image, outer-image, life-image and others-image, spontaneously what do you think, understand, spontaneously what you understand, spontaneously what you carry. I wanted everyone of you to know, spontaneously what you carry is what you brought from the past birth. That is what you brought from the past birth. My Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya, the spontaneous cognition, knowledge I brought in my heart cave is completely aligned to all these four images, completely aligned to all these four images. Aligned to all these four images! Listen! Completely aligned to all these four images! I may want to repeat this again and again till you listen! Listen! That was my spontaneous flow of life. What do you feel inside you as you, what you declare outside you as you, what you want others to experience you as you, aligning all these four to the best, and constantly, please listen..... The life happening in you, every moment you feeling "I exist", is like energy. To whatever you want, you can infuse that life into it. If you constantly think, 'I have so much of SDHD (Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial), I can never become successful.', the more and more you associate yourself with that, that becomes alive. Understand, in the beginning, you may not be able to change what happens outside, but you will be able to always change what happens inside. So, decide, even for a few minutes you will not empower, energize the concept that you are a failure, you are struggling. A few days before, one of my Swamis was telling, 'I complete and get out, but again I fall back; complete and get out, again I fall back.' You want to enjoy this personality! You are enjoying this space! You want to empower this idea of "I rise and fall, rise and fall", because you must be enjoying the effort, hard effort you are putting, understand? Hard work is nothing but ignorance; you don't have intelligence to do smart work! If you are stupid enough not to do smart work, what you do is called "hard work". And if you enjoy hard work, nobody is going to say 'No'; but you are stupid! Why will you complete yourself and then come out, and again fall into the same ditch, and complete yourself and come out? Because you empower that cognition "I am struggling, sincere seeker, seeker..!" Because you set a standard to yourself long, long ago, 'At least, I will be a good seeker. Whether I achieve it or not, who knows? I don't think I will achieve. That and all is not possible for me. But I will be a good seeker.' And, may be, that is the way you will try to get others' attention. 'See, I am struggling and coming out.' Stupid thing! Nobody is ready to listen to your struggle, understand? How much ever you try to decorate your struggle, nobody is ready to listen to your struggle unless you win the game! Only when you win the game your struggles are garlanded, respected, worshipped.

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