Revealing the Mysteries of Angkor Wat

October 17, 2014


In today’s (17th October, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda revealed the truths behind the origin of the Cambodian Temple, Angkor Wat, which he will visit with Inner Awakening participants this December. Much older than the 900 years that western historians have believed, this temple originated from Tamil Nadu in southern India! How was the largest temple in the world moved all the way from India to Cambodia? And better yet, why? Watch this Satsang to find out more! TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. I was seeing Cambodia....when we were presenting about the Inner Awakening, the moment I started the subject of Cambodia, I think many people who are watching the satsangh relaxed. Many who are watching the satsangh relaxed: ‘Oh, God! He is going to talk something about spiritual subject.’ Arrey, I am a spiritual guy! I do only my spiritual work; sit and be chanting Shivoham, Shiva Rama, Krishna, Govinda, and doing my work, and whatever I know as Advaitha experience, spirituality, enlightenment, yoga, Puja. I will be doing myself and I will be teaching to people, and I will live my simple, humble life. That’s a big freedom actually! Not having the vengeance, not having the violence, not having the revenge is a big freedom! You can live your future so beautifully! Actually, vengeance binds the way you think and proceed in your life. It curtails the opportunities and possibilities for you. When you don’t have vengeance, that is the biggest freedom. That’s such big freedom, such great freedom! I am not even looking at non-violence, and not having the revengeful quality, from the angle of morality. Of course, morality is one; I am looking at the angle of the tremendous freedom it gives you. When you don’t have revenge, when you don’t have vengeance, what a freedom it gives you! Kind of a unimaginable free space it gives you! You can go on be doing what your life’s purpose is. You can go on be fulfilling your life’s purpose. And you can go on carrying on with your life. And that is a fulfilment, that is a joy! There is no distraction. Come on! Today I will expand on Cambodia. I wanted all of you to know, please listen, as some of the western historians are claiming, Cambodia temples are not nine-hundred or thousand year old. They are far more older! And the information now I am going to reveal will be the shocking! Please understand, whatever information I am revealing to you all, it is all from Akashic Records. Now, may be, the historians have not found out what I am saying, but let me put this on record. Later on some historians will prove what I am saying. First thing I want to tell you, many of the temples in Angkor Wat was not carved and built in Cambodia or Angkor Wat! Please listen! Many of the temples exist in Cambodia are not carved and built in Cambodia! You may be thinking, ‘What are you talking, what Swamiji is talking?’ I want you to know, many of them were carved in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu. In Chennai many of them were carved and taken by ship, including the elephants! Please understand, when, at first, the Pallava king – Pallava Kingdom is the Kanchipuram, Chennai, Mahabalipuram; that whole area is Pallava Kingdom – when Pallava kings were in their golden period, when they were travelling through the ocean and discovered the Cambodia route and the place, first it started more like trade relationship, then marriage relationship. The Pallava king married the Cambodian tribe’s head’s daughter. That time they were tribes. And, then, they were impressed by the culture of Pallava lifestyle and kingdom. Please understand, we never used weapons and conquered, destroyed the people of the land and snatched land from them. We never did that. It was a beautiful way of cultural spreading, or, I can say that cultures merging. So, when whole Cambodia was celebrating, whole Cambodia started celebrating the Pallava culture, they requested Suryavarma (the Pallava king) to settle down there and build a kingdom. Please understand, Cambodia at that time did not have craftsmen and the whole technology of creating. So, at least the initial few temples, completely carved, assembled in Mahabalipuram, numbered, and dismantled. Please understand, when I am talking, I am talking with lot of sense and responsibility. I will give you some of the tips for the people who are in this field of archaeology and people who are doing research how these monumental temples are built. LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/

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