Revival Of Satya Yuga, The Golden Vedic Era by Nithyananda

July 5, 2015


In today's awakening Nithya Satsang (4 July 2015), Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives the introduction to secrets of Katha Upanishad - the time when aliens were not aliens to us. From the space of Advaita, inter planetary travels happened during the time of Kathopanishad. Vedic tradition explains 4 major powers of human society: knowledge, weapons, wealth and land. Vajashravas, the king and father of Naciketa, out of his powerlessness and insecurity, was confused of what would fulfill him and thus, developed the business metal set-up unsuitable for a ruler, who already owned the wealth. Giving the whole vedic scene, He declared the restarting of the Satya Yuga, the Vedic Golden Age of Enlightenment now. As a humble offering to the Vedic Rishis, He declared to use the modern science to keep the unique DNAs developed through 'Gotras ' that were ifted to the world by our Rishis. ""Gotra"" is the code for inserting DNA layers to retain the different knowledge branches, sciences and bio-memories and now allow genetic disorders. The misinterpreted concept of caste discrimination was imposed by the foreign invaders on Indian lands, who invaded India to steal the best developed DNAs. There are profound references of Great Sages like Veda Vyasa being born from a Shudra, working class fisherwoman. Also, the Sati system was never part of Indian system, but was forcibly imposed by the invaders as they had brutally attacked the Indian women, who gracefully chose to exit life by burning their body. By the grace of Mahadeva, not only the Upanishads will be revived, the whole Vedic tradition will be revived with all its spiritual possibilities. The age of controlling humans is over. It is the time of knowledge, of seeking, exploring in the Internet and IT Revolution, thanks to the youth, who are now exploring knowledge. Knowledge seeking is forbearer of Vedic Civilization.

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