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March 5, 2014


03rd March, 2014 Morning Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda Just like eyes can see, Ears can listen Inner space can create what you want Anything you want, you have , as you perceive as you life - everything starts with your thought Thoughts you cherish are like seed, your thinking style is the tree, the reality experienced is fruit . Change your thoughts , your thinking style can be changed , your reality will be changed . You are responsible for the mess you create around you Good News ! : If you are responsible for the mess, you can change it Now, change your thought, your thinking style , the reality you cause will naturally be different. Essence of the Meeting : * everyone is struggling with the old patterns they developed even if they know the patterns are not productive in their life. * Only if you rewrite your future, the old will leave your future. - Your future cannot be empty , either you wake up and start taking it under your control OR your past is there as default. - Wake up and take your life under your control - Inner Awakening - Rewriting Your Future. If you are struggling in your life in your health front, relationships, business , wealth , career - any fronts , --- if you hear about any problem , you imagine if you have or not . .if you are struggling with so many problems ,whether you win or lose, struggling itself is a failure. Life is not to be struggled . Life is to transform You need not know how you created the mess of the past , just learn the science of rewriting and rewrite it. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. I welcome all the participants who are in San Jose-Madurai and Mill Valley-Vairavan Koil for the Kalpataru Darshan. Today, Sri Ramakrishna’s Jayanthi Mahotsav. As per the Vedic calendar, Ramakrishna’s birthday! Ramakrishna was born on the second thithi of Amavasya. So, this time, Amavasya came next to Shivaratri Day. That is the reason; today Ramakrishna’s birthday is celebrated. And today is also a very important day in our movement, in our Sangha – Jeevan Mukthi Jayanthi! So today we will be celebrating the great book which is born, released today – “Jeevan Mukthi” – which naturally gets updated because I am alive and I am updating myself; “Jeevan Mukthi” book also gets updated. It is a powerful book, still one of the best books I have written. We are working on coming up with more and more volumes of “Jeevan Mukthi”. And, on this great day, auspicious day, fortunately today, Ramakrishna’s birthday and Jeevan Mukthi Jayanthi falling together! But actually, Ramakrishna’s birthday is observed as per the Vedic calendar; Jeevan Mukthi Jayanthi we observe as per the English calendar. Today, fortunately, both coincided on the same day. Anyhow, let us take this opportunity to revive our commitment to Integrity. Please understand, if I have to condense the whole life of Sri Ramakrishna, the essence of Ramakrishna’s life, I’ll condense it in one word; that is: “Commitment to Integrity”. He is such an embodiment of Integrity, embodiment of Integrity, I tell you, just embodiment of Integrity! The words he gives, he will be so honest, respectful and honour the word he gives. I have never read or heard any master who has this high degree of integrity like Sri Ramakrishna. I am not saying other masters are not integrated, but the degree, the frequency of integrity is too high with Sri Ramakrishna. That is why he had such a powerful Vaak Siddhi. Even though he will not demonstrate many times, he had a powerful Vaak Siddhi. That is why his words, ordinary village slang, colloquial words uttered by him are translated today in almost all the world languages, read by crores of people, guiding thousands of Sannyasis. I tell you, in the modern history of Hinduism, he is the Master, incarnation, who created, inspired, initiated largest number of Sannyasis. This I can tell boldly, very boldly with all my integrity. Neither Bhagawan Swaminarayan nor Arya Samaj Dayananda Saraswathi, none of them can cross the contribution of Sri Ramakrishna, the number of Sannyasis he created, inspired, initiated and still continues to inspire. Incomparable. So, understand, his contribution, hardly in last 150 years in 1886 he left the body. In 1836 he assumed the body; in 1886 he left the body. Just fifty years he lived on Planet Earth in the physical form. 150 years hardly but unimaginable contribution! Apart from the sadhus and sannyasis of Ramakrishna Order, thousands of people have renounced their life in the name of Ramakrishna and live in their own places. He is the inspiration who can’t be compared. For thousands of people, he is the spiritual strength.

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