Rule life by power, not fear!

December 13, 2013


In today's(13 Dec 2013) morning satsang from Bali Paramahamsa Nithyananda talked about pouring your life energy into your personal reality and putting yourself in the other's place to make his reality come true. When you are the catalyst for the other's change you expand and from that expanded state it is easy to make your personal reality come into being. He inspired us to be a cause for everyone's reality and rule life by power not by fear and be powerful by enriching not by encroaching. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I wanted to give the essence of the Inner Awakening Sessions happening in today's morning satsangh. First thing, I wanted even all of you to listen. Please listen! Don't think because you are doing the session, you know everything! Listen! Because, some of the very important truths, clicks you will get now! The first thing you need to understand, putting yourself in other person's place, especially when you start thinking through for the other person to cause the other person's reality, to make the other person's reality express, to make the other person's reality into reality, the first thing that happens is expansion to YOU! Please listen, when you create a space to make other's reality into reality, when you become a catalyst for others to realize what they want to realize, when you become a cause for others to experience their realities, the first thing that happens is, YOU expand.....YOU EXPAND, you become a larger space, you become a larger being! Please listen, when you decide you will cause your family's realities, you become Head of a family. When you decide you will cause your reality, you become a human-being. When you decide you will cause your city's reality, you become leader of the city. When you decide you will cause the reality for the country, you become Head of the country. When you decide, you will cause the reality for the world, you become God! When you decide you will cause the reality for the universe, the world, you become GOD! So, decide to cause others' reality. Deciding to cause others' reality is what I call "Responsibility", that is what I call "Enriching". You putting yourself in others' place and thinking through and deciding, 'I will cause it!' All the devotees all over the world, all the devotees all over the world need to know, yesterday we were having a long sharing session about "Possibility". Business Schools teach you only how to be busy, not how to do business. Really! They only teach you how to be busy! Just being busy is not that! Being busy does not mean doing business. I tell you, real business is being a cause for everyone's reality. Being a cause for everyone.....everyone's reality! I tell you, when you decide, 'I will be a cause for everyone to experience their reality', suddenly you will see so many people cause what YOU want as reality! Sometimes what you think as comfortable is only most uncomfortable. Listen! Yesterday, so many Swamis were sharing what they were seeing, what they were learning, everything, what they were seeing and what they were learning, their understanding about the reality. I tell you, when you create the expanded space and the expanded phase of you, when you create the expanded space where you are able to think through for everyone's reality, with that expanded space if you look at your personal reality, you will see just like that you can make it as reality! You can see very clearly, just like that you can make your personal reality into reality very easily! Your personal reality is not at all a difficult one. Continuously when you decide you will cause others' reality, I tell you, that will open up tremendous love, life energy in you! How many ever words I use, how many ever ways I tell you, when you start only you will understand the experience. The person who lives with the "hum, hum, hum, hum, hum" (Me, Me, Me), suffers! The person who lives with "tum, tum, tum", celebrates! "Tum" means You, You, You. Somebody asked me a question: 'What if what others want to cause in their life is going to harm them or hurt them? Then if I cause that in their life, am I not harming them? How can that be enriching? Or am I missing the meaning of what Swamiji is saying when he says we need to listen to what they want to cause, what they really want?' Please listen! Listen! Be very clear, whether you support or not, they are going to cause what they want to cause in their lives. Is it not? When you don't want to cause, you create this judgement, justification. 'No, no, no. It is harming them.' Who are you to justify? Give love, not intelligence. Be a hand, be a hand for them, not extra head. See, if that is what they want, give them that. That's all! Be extra hands for people, not extra heads. I always tell people, 'We need only hands and legs, not heads; that we have enough!' Be hands and legs for people, not heads.

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