Samskara Dahana Kriya the Easiest Path to Enlightenment

September 2, 2014


In today’s (2nd September 2014) morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Samskara Dahana Kriya and Perpetual Completion. First everyone doing SDK should take an oath to not exploit others who had shared with them during SDK. Secondly all the steps must be followed and thirdly he described SDK as being like a psychological enema. Doing 48 days of SDK is equal to Perpetual Completion. SDK is the easiest method of all the spiritual practices to have an experience of Advaita and it will save your life. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Today I wanted to expand on how the Samskaara Dahana Kriya helps you for Perpetual Completion. I am seeing many reports from all over the world, that in so many Centres, temples, ashrams, the Samskaara Dahana Kriya is happening every day, lot of people are participating. First thing I wanted to remind all of you, before the Samskaara Dahana Kriya starts, everyone should take an oath with integrity that they will not misuse or abuse the information they receive during the Samskaara Dahana Kriya. That oath everyone should take. Second, the whole Completion, all the steps should be followed, including sharing with five lives and listening to five lives. Third, forty-eight days it should be done continuously; or, one or two days if you miss, make it like in one day itself two sessions, morning and evening. I tell you, Samskaara Dahana Kriya will remove the naturally accumulated vengeance. Please understand, just like naturally, because of what you eat, one part becomes the unnecessary thing which needs to be pushed out of the body, same way, because of your day-to-day functioning in life, in your mind one part gets accumulated which needs to be sent out. Just like the biology, the psychology has its own excreta which it needs to send out. Samskaara Dahana Kriya is like an enema for psychological excreta which needs to leave your system, understand? Whatever physically needs to leave your system, if you give enema, it will leave. Samskaara Dahana Kriya will make all the psychologically unwanted things to leave your system. Forty-eight days of Samskaara Dahana Kriya will literally make you live in Perpetual Completion! Enlightenment cannot be made more simple than this! I tell you guys, more than this, enlightenment cannot be made simple! More than this, living life cannot be made simple! Not only enlightenment, even life needs Samskaara Dahana Kriya. With accumulated vengeance don’t think somebody else is going to suffer. Accumulated vengeance convinces you that vengeance is required for you to exist, that vengeance only is giving you the right ideas in the right time to defend you and protect you and save yourself. That is the way it exists, it continues to have power over you, understand? Samskaara Dahana Kriya teaches you life. More than this, life cannot be made simple, life cannot be made easy. So, whoever wants to live, please do Samskaara Dahana Kriya. Whoever wants to live, please do Samskaara Dahana Kriya. Every day, Samskaara Dahana Kriya for forty-eight days will heal you so much, it will heal you so much! I tell you your whole brain will feel new; not just your mind, even brain! Your whole inner-space will feel new. It is the most easiest process, easier than any other tapas. I can say, one Samskaara Dahana Kriya is equivalent to at least hundred days of Pancha Tapas. One Samskaara Dahana Kriya is equivalent to hundred days of Pancha Tapas! See, when you do it, first ten days only all the incidents you remember with pain will come up. After that, the deeper pain patterns, which you hold on, the deeper Self-Denial patterns, Self-Hatred patterns, they will start coming out. Only when those deeper patterns like Self-Hatred, Self-Denial, all that comes out, you will wake up to life. Till then, please understand, life is not to be lived just to justify your existence. Most of us exist just to justify. That is why in justification we do Ph.D! I have many Ph.Ds in Justification, and they are so intelligent how to justify themselves. In justifying themselves they are thousand times more intelligent than me.......... END OF SATSANG:- Ultimately, I give you all my blessings, let you all be inspired, excited, and do it intensely wherever you are, the Samskaara Dahana Kriya, every day, at least for forty-eight days, and be freed from all the pain patterns, pain samskaaras in your life! Let you all be liberated! Let us all be liberated! Only when you do it, you will also feel excited to enrich others. When you enrich, you will be more excited to do it. Full Transcripts here -

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