Sannyas brings out the best in you

November 21, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expands on the lifestyle of Sannyas. The purpose for life is for completion! Only in the lifestyle of Sannyas can you both fully live the science of completion while enriching others by teaching them how they can also live in the space of completion. Sannyas can take us out of survival-need mode and social ignorance and is the best way to reach out to planet Earth, empowering people to live in completion! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I have a wonderful announcement. First, from December 1st, we will be having the satsangh morning 7 to 8. We are preponing the satsangh time. After three surveys, majority of the devotees, listeners, viewers are requesting that 7 to 8 am will be much better than 8 to 9 am. So, we will be moving the morning satsangh 7 to 8 am. Between 7 to 7:40 satsang and 7:40 to 8 dial the avatar calls. I'll be attending to your calls and blessing you all and we have also organised in all the channels you will have, you will be listening to my voice in that language. For example in Sadhana you will be listening in Hindi, in Lotus channel you will be hearing in Tamil, in Janashree you will be listening in Kannada. So each language our own you will be listening in your own language. How? You will see. So Pada Puja will be happening every day morning, 6 to 7, Satsang 7 to 8. The morning yoga for the Ashram will be shifted to evening. Morning Akhda and yoga will be shifted to evening. Soon we will be having live satsangh in Telugu Channel also in Telugu voice. We have already we are signing contract with different channels. It will be 7 to 8 in the satsangh in your own language, and 7:40 to 8 Dial-the-Avatar. I'll expand today on the same subject Sannyas.. Today, 21st batch Inner Awakening, 21st day. The conclusion day. We will be working on unique process -- unclutching from all the incompletions in the bio-memory level. Sannyas. Please listen. All our Sannyasis are doing Sannyas Yatra. All of our Sannyasis are doing Sannyas Yatra doing padayatra, inspiring youngsters to take up the life of Sannyas and to live with intelligence. From more than 20 places all over the India people are doing padayatra towards Tiruvannamalai. From Tiruvannamalai all together to Bidadi, Sannyas Yatra. And I also have one more announcement. From December, Nithyananda TV English, Nithyananda TV Tamil, Nithyananda TV Kannada, Nithyananda TV Telugu, all four will be functioning and Nithyananda TV Hindi - five will be functioning. You can expect a lot of wonderful spiritual programs. Let us expand on Sannyas. The purpose of human life is you experiencing Completion and, please listen, you experiencing Completion and working, radiating, showering -- please understand, I am using three different words: "working", "radiating", "showering" -- others also with the same space of Completion. This is the first and foremost goal of life. Completion, Completion, Completion! Be established in the space of Completion. Go on helping everyone around you to reach the space of Completion. Help yourself to be in the space of Completion. Go on enriching everyone to be in the space of Completion. Understand, in no other lifestyle you can live in Completion, go on inspiring people to be in the space of Completion. Sannyas brings out best of you. See, a common middle-class man spends almost 90% of his life just food, shelter, clothes. These three literally takes away 90% of his time because one-third of his life goes in sleeping. In the remaining two-thirds, first twenty-five years goes to get education for food, clothing and shelter. When you start making all that, you are already fifty, waiting for death. So large part of your life disappears just trying to get food, shelter and clothes. All I am trying to tell you is, by offering Sannyas I take away that basic problem from your life. Now come on start moving to the next level. It is enough. You are stuck in the same rut. You eat what for? To work. You work what for? To eat -- over! You don't come out of that rut of the basic survival need. Let us raise the human-beings consciously to the next level. Human-beings need to be told about the next possibility. Human-beings need to be told about the next possibility, please listen. Possibility. Please listen, you need to know a very important truth: People, who change after the change happens, SURVIVE. People, who change along with the change, SUCCEED. People who lead the change are LEADERS! People, who change after the change, SURVIVE. People, who change along with the change, SUCCEED. People, who cause the change, LEAD! I am telling you, I am the change for the world. Not as a pride, not as egoistic; I am telling you a simple truth. I am the change! Change along with the change itself to succeed. Why do you want to change after the change to survive? Sannyas is the biggest change I am bringing to the world, making it as a mainstream lifestyle.

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