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over 9 years ago


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda brings to light hidden sacred secrets describing how a Sannyasi becomes a separate gender -- the transcendental gender. When completion reaches our very biomemory, we have reached the peak of the male and female energies within and gone beyond the identification of being male or female -- we are living in a transcendental body. Through completion, we can experience living joyfully in a transcendental body - enlightenment! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today I will expand on "THE SACRED SECRET OF THE SPACE OF SANNYAS". The space you hold, how the space can ripe and get matured and leads you to Sannyas. Please listen. Mahaveera says, 'Unless you assume the male body, you cannot be enlightened.' And I am not attesting what he said. I'll only explain the reason for what he said. The path in which he travelled and became enlightened, which he was teaching, needs a tremendous physical arduousness, tremendous physical strength, where you have to exert your body to the extreme, where it's like a literally the concept of pain, pleasure, everything is forgotten. In Jainism, even now the tradition is you have to pluck the hair directly by the hand. You can't even shave your head and you can't use anything other than ash to take bath or clean the body. So, the path he went, the path through which he travelled and became enlightened and the path he was teaching to others, needs tremendous physical arduousness, physical exertion. So, he thought women may not be able to go through this whole physical process, the physical tapas. That is the reason he may have uttered the words, 'Unless you assume the male body, you cannot become enlightened.' But I tell you, one of the important sacred secrets: Sannyasis are separate gender. Please listen, the male -- I am describing all the different genders: Male; Female; Physically, physiologically male, but psychologically female -- the gay; Physiologically female, but psychologically male; and Transgenders; All these are different genders. The ultimate gender is "Transcendental Gender", where the level of Completion, the depth of Completion reaches to your very bio-memory. Please understand the level of Completion gets into your very level of bio-memory, your very muscle-memory and bio-memory where you don't hold pride of being a male or female, where the fulfilment of womanhood or manhood happens in you. Your manhood and womanhood, both reaches its peak and experience Completion. Your body radiating Completion to the level of bio-memory is what I call "Transcendental Gender". "Transcendental Gender". Sorry for the pronunciation mistake. Once in a while, that village boy from Tiruvannamalai comes out in his pronunciation and accent. Transcendental gender. Listen, I don't know the purpose, the reason why Mahaveera made the statement, 'Unless you are in the male body, you cannot achieve enlightenment.' But I tell you, unless you reach the Transcendental Gender, you won't reach the Complete Completion. Complete Completion makes you experience the space of Transcendental Gender, and I tell you, the joy of being in the body which Transcendental Gender is the greatest possibility, but kept away from humanity. Sometime I feel that our masters have kept too many things as a secret. We lost much of our knowledge and materia medica. The Indian materia medica is the largest knowledge source of medicine. The Siddha Tradition, Ayurvedic Tradition, the Ayurveda practised in seven different zones of India from the totally different understanding. Please listen; the Kerala Ayurveda and the Bengal Ayurveda have no connection other than the word "Ayurveda". The whole principle is different but both are very powerful. All this knowledge of materia medica and the knowledge about the alchemy processes, so many things got lost due to the concept of "guhyam" -- "secret". If it is sacred, it has to be kept as a secret. No. No, it is time, it is time we bring everything together and share it with the world, we bring everything together and share it with the world. One of the, see, many sacred things we lost because of our secrecy idea which is completely wrong. One of the important sacred secret we lost because of the concept of "Secret", keeping things as secret is the joy of living in the Transcendental Gender body. Even the concept seems to be very new. If I speak to the modern-day humanity, it's almost like I am proposing something which is impossible. See, if I propose human-beings can start flying without any machinery just like that, how people will look at me. 'Mmmmmm!' that is exactly the way you guys are looking at me when I say, when I describe about the joy of living in a Transcendental Gender body. I know, it almost feels impossible and because you so strongly cognize and believe it is impossible,

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