Sannyas -- THE ULTIMATE lifestyle

November 18, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda announces that the way to revive the science of enlightenment is through the lifestyle of the Sannyasi. The beautiful, powerful space of Sannyas is when the body is beyond the need for external input and the mind radiates love, completion, and responsibility for the whole world. Sannyas is the ultimate state of completion and enriching others with the science of completion! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, 21st batch Inner Awakening, 18th day. We will be working today on "Ultimate Reality". "Reality and Ultimate Reality". Today's satsangh subject: Sannyas. From today till December 27th: "Making you as Kalpataru". The only way you can become Kalpataru is "Sannyas". Please understand, after Shankara there was never ever public open discussion and invitation to become Sannyas in Hindu tradition. Somehow, even the Sannyasis carry a deep guilt that they have done a mistake and they don't want next generation to do that mistake. If somebody comes to take Sannyas, they try to dissuade; and then finally, if he stands, they say, 'Alright, if your life outside is worse it is OK let him.' It is like Sannyas out of powerlessness. Please understand, Sannyas out of powerlessness is the most abusive, abusing Sannyas. Now, after Shankara, around 2,500 years after, first time, systematically, almost next one month, I am going to expand on different aspects and dimensions of Sannyas. Please listen. First thing, Sannyas is the lifestyle of living in the space of "Complete Completion". Completion in its complete form. Sannyas is the way spiritual knowledge is realized in individual's life. People usually have a problem about some hypocrisy in the sannyasi or Sannyas system. I wanted you to know, the world's largest institution is marriage. World's most hypocritical, cheated institution is marriage. World's largest institution is marriage. Highest cheated contract in the world is marriage contract! There is no business contract, there is no contract which is cheated so much, exploited, abused, disrespected like the marriage contract. That does not mean you stop entering into marriage contract. That does not mean we stop getting married. The problem in the institution, hypocrisy in the institution does not stop you getting married. Then if there are one or two hypocrisies in Sannyas tradition, the person should take the responsibility and evolve, complete it. That is the truth. Just because there are one or two flaws, why the institution be abused or blamed or disrespected? This is the powerful conspiracy done by atheists and anti-Hindu elements. I tell you, Hindus lost so much when they stopped this Sannyas tradition. When they dropped the Sannyas as a mainstream lifestyle, they lost so much, so much. Please understand, I have seen in Nepal, Nepal I have seen in front of my eyes, in Nepal, where only 3, 4 % are Buddhist population, Hindu population is 80.6%, more than India, as per percentage wise more than India. But if you walk in the streets of Kathmandu, if you walk in the streets of Nepal, you will only see Buddhist monks. Just 6% percent population, the amount of, the number of monks they have unimaginable. Ours 80.6% of population, you won't find even a few Hindu Sannyasis! The few you find with this Kavi robes will be beggars outside the Pashupathinath Temple; that's all. Neither this dress commands respect, nor is it encouraged. So much, has been done to humanity by this Sannyas tradition. Sannyas tradition has given to the humanity million times more than what the marriage, the organization; the institution marriage has given to the world. Especially, the whole India, whole India has been built by the Sannyasis. Everything best has been contributed to the Indic tradition by the Sannyasis. Whether it is our architecture, art, culture, language; everything, everything, everything. All the best things we have is from Sanyasis. When I read the history of akhadas, ten lakh sadhus, please understand, ten lakh sadhus used to be Shaastra Dhaari sannyasis; means, mastering the spiritual knowledge, the Science of Enlightenment, Jeevan Mukthi and teaching all over the world. I mean it, because our Sannyasis went up to Iran which was the original name of Iran was "Aryan"; which become "Iran". They have travelled all over the world up to Cambodia, Bali. Just Jnana Sambandhar had 16,000 sannyasis with him. Can you imagine, 16,000 Sannyasis with him? He left the body before sixteen and please listen. Thirumurai Kanda Chozhan -- Rajarajan -- who built world's largest granite structure, l even now, whose achievements are still not beaten, still unbeatable, please understand, still now Rajaraja's remains to be the world's largest granite construction. No pyramid could cross him. He is the world's largest granite construction. He used granite almost four times more than largest pyramids.

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