Satsang Sitting With The Truth

May 3, 2012


Live on 3 May 2012/Morning Satsang/Q&A In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) answers questions from devotees. The first questioner wants to know which practices and techniques should be integrated into daily activities in order to live an enlightened life. Paramahamsa replies that nothing is needed except to sit in daily satsang, which is upanishad (receiving the radiant vibration of the master). We establish a feeling connection beyond just verbal listening. The second question asks Paramahamsa to share his mystical relationship with the lineage of his pontifical appointment at Madhurai Adheenam. Paramahamsa touchingly describes how moved he was as a child to hear the story of Milk-Giving Devi and how he walked for fifteen days to view Her temple. This Devi is the tutelary deity of Madhurai Adheenam. The third question concerns the differences between Shiva and Devi worship. Paramahamsa tells us that neither is better than the other: it is a matter of emotional understanding -- whichever deity empowers our transformation is our best choice to worship. The final question asks about unclutching. Paramahamsa explains that when we unclutch from a state of deep devotion, our lower emotions are destroyed and our higher emotions become strengthened, permanently raising our frequency. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Question: For me, once we finish IA when go out into society, do we need to internalize your teachings regularly? I do not remember all of them. Can you please guide me what to do, so that I can live an enlightened life? Swamiji: First thing: There is no need for you to do special to internalize my teachings. Because these higher truths and experiences are made as part of your bio-memory through this whole process. I want all of you to know Inner Awakening is not 'Teaching Programme'. It is 'Process Programme', where these great truths are inserted into your bio-memory beyond your mind without even you need to do anything. There is no need for your cooperation, there is no need for your effort. Just your openness is more than enough. Not only there is no need for your effort, I don't even need your cooperation. I just need your openness. Nothing else. Your 'Yes'. Nothing else. Please understand just your 'Yes' is enough for me to work on you. So you don't need to do anything special to internalize my teachings. May be I will recommend this morning Satsang as a sitting with me, the Upanishad, more as a Upanishad. Otherwise, if you see, in the morning Satsang all I do is just I come and joke around make some fun, tease some people, answer some questions in a most confusing way. See, if you put the same question after 3 days, you will never imagine how such a complete different answer comes from me. And if you compare both the answers, I am not responsible. I can 100% assure you will go crazy. In the morning Satsang the more important is "feeling connection". When you sit and listen, so many things will be cleared to you that beyond my words something else is happening something else is being done. So please understand that something else is Satsang. Satsang is not Pravachan. In Sanskrit we have 2 words. Pravachana is discourse. Satsang is sitting with the truth. Every morning I am asking you to sit in Satsang to sit with me with a deep feeling connection, not just to listen to the words. The words are immaterial. Whether you listen or not, it is not a problem at all. Satsang is the main thing. Sitting with the truth is the main thing. So you don't need any other spiritual practice or method to internalize my teachings regularly. You need only one thing: Sit in the morning Satsang every day wherever you are in un-clutched way. All you need is just one android. Connect and sit. Nothing else. Nothing else. Never miss the morning Satsang. Keep this as a law for your life. I always tell for our ashramites and devotees, don't use even death as a excuse to miss morning Satsang. Die either before 7'0 clock, so that you can be there in 'aksharadham' with me attending the morning Satsang or die after 9.30 am so that you can be there for next day Satsang. Don't use even death as an excuse to miss the Satsang. Attend the Satsang don't bother. If you are regularly attending, I will make sure the Lord of Death waits for you and he does not disturb you during the Satsang time. Don't miss morning Satsang. Make this as a life. Morning Satsang not even to hear what I am saying, more to sit in un-clutched way. Just sit un-clutched. Nothing else. If any word which I utter need to go inside, it will go inside. Otherwise it is okay. So don't miss morning Satsang. I don't feel you need to do any other spiritual practice. Any other technique or process to internalize my teachings to make you live enlightened. Just Satsang. Nothing else. "Yes" for Satsang. That is enough.

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