Science of Causing your Reality

March 21, 2014


16th March 2014 Morning Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda In today's morning Satsang in Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares an important truth -- life is only worth living when we can make it as we want. We may think that it is impossible but that is only our SDHD (self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial) talking because it is possible to have life how we want. Paramahamsa Nithyananda teaches the science of causing our own reality in the 21 day Inner Awakening program, where we can totally complete with our past and rewrite our future -- making it just the way we want! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- First, let me explain the Science of Kalpataru. Please listen! Human life is worth living only when you can make it as you wanted. Please listen! There are some natural principles. How many philosophies may oppose these principles, how many religions may oppose these principles, how many ways we may try to suppress these principles -- listen -- these principles never get destroyed. This is one of the types of principles: Human life is alive only when you can make what you want. The fulfilment in life happens only when you make your life as you want. Either you try to complete it from the direction of causing what you want, or altering what you want. You can achieve Completion, fulfilment by altering what you want. And you can achieve Completion, fulfilment by achieving what you want. Materialists are mad when they say only by achieving what you want you can reach Completion. Spiritualists become lazy bums. Both of them are only one small part of life. Trying to change what you want or constantly trying to achieve what you want, neither these two can reach Completion, fulfilment. Bringing intelligence into what you want and bringing power to cause reality -- please listen -- bringing intelligence into what you want and bringing the space to cause what you want as reality, when you bring intelligence into what you want, awareness into what you want, that goes through a certain natural transformation what you want. Then create the space to cause that as reality. That is Completion. Both put together only is what I call the Science of Kalpataru: bringing intelligence in what you want, and creating a space for what you want as reality -- listen -- creating a space for what you want as reality. In the whole life, whatever you want to cause as your reality, whatever way you want to rewrite your future, these two principles are very important. Whether you want to achieve health, whether you want to achieve wealth, whether you want to achieve enlightenment, or you want to achieve the Complete Completion, or you want to create whatever you want in your life, the science is these two steps: Bringing intelligence into your thinking, and Creating a strong energy space to cause what you want as reality. Listen! Listen! In Kalpataru Darshan, I am giving you a glimpse of this science, helping you to complete with ONE desire, all the incompletions to be completed, and creating a space to cause that ONE desire into reality. In Inner Awakening, I am doing the same thing to EVERY FIELD of your life! In Kalpataru Darshan, I can say, you get the introduction. In Inner Awakening, it becomes life! But seeing Kalpataru Darshan, never think or under-judge Inner Awakening. Seeing in the bottle ocean water, you cannot imagine about ocean. Even though you can technically define, 'Like this, lot of water put together is ocean.', it can technically be defined, but it can never be imagined or visualized or experienced. So, listen! Understand! Please listen! In Inner Awakening you get the whole science of how to make what you want a reality continuously. In Inner Awakening you literally rewrite your future! Means, literally, physically you are made to write what you want, and that is made as reality! Don't live something written accidentally. Understand, when you are born, you wrote about your future not with a lot of intelligence; just with some known, few known information. But, now, so much of intelligence is available, knowledge is available, method is available from the Vedic Tradition. So, learn, learn and rewrite your future. See, whenever something great happens, something great is introduced, naturally human mind says, 'No, no, no. It seems too good to be true!', because you strongly believe great things can never happen to you, good things can never happen to you. That is one of the biggest patterns with which you are suffering. That is why you can never open your eyes and see the great possibilities approaching you. You have such a strong Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial, if some great things are opened up in front of you,

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