Science of Possibility

January 21, 2014


In today's (19th January, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda delivers the deeper truths of Kalpataru Darshan. In the Kalpataru Darshan, Paramahamsa Nithyananda not only fulfills one desire we wish to make into reality but he also awakens our own ability to perform this process on our own! Because each of us is born with the energy to make what we want into reality, the Kalpataru Darshan simply ignites that dormant energy within us. Everything in life is possible! Let us create our own reality! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today we are all going to Rishikesh! Upanishad on the banks of Ganga and Rudra Homa! The speciality of this Rudra Homa is, I am going to install Shiva Linga on the banks of Ganga and we will be doing the Homa and puja. There is a traditional procedure for installing the Shiva Linga on the banks of Ganga, picking up a stone and Ganga "mitti" (Ganga mud) and all that. So I'm going to do that! Where in Rishikesh I am not going to tell now, because I am on national TV; too much crowd will gather! Alright! Today I will speak on Kalpataru. Please listen! Today I am actually going to guide all of you into the Kalpataru process directly so that the procedure is set clearly. Wherever the Kalpataru Darshan happens -- Pratyaksha Kalpataru or EKalpataru -- this is the procedure. So, please, all the Kotharis, Thanedars, Mahants, provide your listening to learn to conduct Kalpataru meditations. The first truth: Human-beings are endowed with the energy to make what they want in their life as reality. Human-beings are not sent as beggars to Planet Earth. God is not a sadist. He does not say, 'Hey, go with empty hand. And every time you need a penny you beg me and I will decide whether to give you or not.' No! He is neither a sadist nor a miserly father. He is a beautiful, graceful, amazing, showering, cosmic causeless auspicious energy. Satchitananda, Shiva! So, understand, you are endowed with enough of Kundalini energy, the inner potential raw energy to make what you want as reality. That is the first truth. Second: Because of your constant self-doubting, self-hatred and self-denial you forgot your life is nothing but possibilities. You started thinking your life is nothing but impossibilities. You are alive because breathing is possible. You are alive because digestion is possible. You are alive because many things are possible. Understand, life is possibility. It is not impossibility. The wrong belief that life is impossibility is put inside you by the society, unconscious society. So, you need to know the truth, the ancient secret which produced the greatest leaders in every field. Please understand, the most ancient secret, secret of the secret of the secret, which produced the greatest leaders in every field, still kept as a secret, transferred only from guru to disciple, guru to disciple in the world's oldest ancient civilization, the spiritual tradition, I am sharing that with the world. Listen, the science of awakening the inner potential bio-energy-Kundalini Shakthi, I am directing it to create what you want as reality. This science was available with this ancient Vedic Civilization. This was transmitted from guru to disciple, guru to disciple, guru to disciple, it is called "Karna Parampara"; means, just by "listening", never by writing, just by listening, this science was transmitted! It was never printed. This knowledge Krishna calls as "Raja Vidya, Raja Guhyam" -- the "Royal Knowledge, Royal Secret". I am transmitting that science to all of you freely, because the world now needs more spiritual scientists and spiritual healers. We already have enough of economists, business management people, lawyers, doctors, army people more than any number. We have too many people -- lawyers, doctors, engineers, army, media -- too many! The world immediately needs spiritual healers, spiritual activists, spiritual "saintists", scientists with saintly basis ("saintists"). Saintists we need urgently. That is why I have decided to share this knowledge with the whole world. So, listen! Your inner-space is equivalent to your womb. How in the womb a child can grow, another one life can grow, in the same way, in your inner-space, whatever you want can grow, and it can be made into reality, it can be delivered! It is called "Hrid Garbha", "Hridaya Garbha". Your inner-space is called "Hrid Garbha", "Hridaya Garbha", "Chidakasha", "Chidambara". All these different words are used for your inner-space. Anything you create in your inner-space and ready to take the responsibility for it! Understand, when I use the word "ready to take responsibility", I mean "deserve what you desire". I don't even want to say you have to "earn" what you desire. If you "deserve" for what you desire, that is enough; it is showered on you! For example, you desire for a million dollars. You don't even need to earn that. If you deserve -- if you are not going to destroy that

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