Science of Rewriting your future

January 10, 2014


In today's (9th January, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives us the science of rewriting our future. Normally, we operate from what is our default flow of life, created by the root patterns we carry. This only increases our incompletions, binding us to more karmas. When we complete with our root patterns, we can live life from our prarabdha -- the reason we took birth. If we continue making decisions based on past patterns, we deny the possibility of the future, denying life itself! Let us complete with all past incompletions and rewrite our future! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will continue to expand on the Mahabharata characters and the various stories. Bhishma, embodiment of Righteousness, finds a few remains like the weapons of the Pandavas, and sees the dead bodies of the cooks and mistaking them as Pandavas, thinking that Pandavas are dead, is the depression everyone faces during the spiritual practice. Please listen, listen and understand! When you are doing your spiritual practices, when you live Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, many times you will have self-confusion -- 'Whether I am living Integrity, Authenticity, or whether I really lost everything and am just interpreting whatever I wanted to do as Integrity and Authenticity' -- this confusion happens to righteousness. Every individual goes through that confusion. Listen! I will expand on this one important problem. Every human-being goes through this problem during this journey. We call this as "dark night of the soul". Righteousness itself gets confused, 'Really the Integrity and Authenticity is not saving us. Are they really dead?' That doubt goes almost into the depths of your being. Please understand, look into yourself. I wanted to define about fanaticism. You may think why I am talking about fanaticism here. It will be very useful if you understand the concept of fanaticism with the "dark night of the soul". Listen! "dark night of the soul" means, even your own righteousness losing the confidence over your Integrity and Authenticity, feeling like you lost it, you lost the game, all your hopes are destroyed, now you are hopeless, you have nothing more to live, you have no future. Listen, now I am defining "fanaticism". Fanaticism is, if you have transformed yourself and then causing transformation in others, it is "teaching", "preaching", "transforming", "causing". But, without you even being convinced you are trying to convince others, is "fanaticism". At some part of you, you are not completely convinced, but you are trying to convince others by force; that is "fanaticism". Whether your righteousness is "causing" or "fanatic", that test is done by the Existence at some time taking away all your hopes. Whether Bhishma himself is transformed and causing, or he is only fanatic, at that time the Intelligence -- Vidura comes and supports, saying, 'Don't worry.' Intelligence gives the hope. Please understand, the whole Hindu infrastructure itself is such that, by the time you evolve as Guru, you would have suffered, struggled enough. Only if you are really, really authentically using Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching inside your system, you will even be able to stand up. You will be polished, moulded, acid-washed so many times in so many ways. By the time you sit as Guru, you are qualified, made to qualify! Here, Cosmos is testing Bhishma by giving the wrong evidences that may be his Integrity and Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching have failed, may be his hopes cannot be achieved any more. Understand, only during these moments, you need a Sangha, Sangha Bala. Please understand, Átma Bala alone is not enough for a person to reach the ultimate. You will be able to have more Átma Bala than Bhishma! But, even Bhishma is in depression. It is Vidura's support which brings Bhishma back to strength. That is why I am telling you, Sangha is one of the very important components necessary.Same way, spirituality also needs Sangha, Sangha Bala. See, if you want to achieve the complete performance in the body, like ultimate health, you need that company, that Sangha. If you want to build your body, you need that kind of gym goers, health freaks, as a Sangha. The Sangha Bala helps you to sail through the 'dark night of the soul'. Many times, you have not convinced even some parts of you, but entered the journey. So, when you face the life, those parts will be exposed to you, those tumours will be exposed to you. At that time, you yourself may not be able to handle those tumours independently just by your own Átma Bala. You need Sangha Bala. I tell you, just yesterday night, all the Swamis, Kotharis and Mahanths, we were sitting on the banks of the Ganga and having a session. We were discussing on this subject only. How the structure of the Sangha constantly reminds you about your higher purpose and inspires you, raises you to the highest possibility.

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