Science of space creation - Part 2

June 16, 2014


In today's (3rd June, 2014) morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda further expanded on the Power of Creating Space. This science requires so much completion. Authenticity aligns even the way you breathe. Sanyas starts with the ability to stand egolessly for your authenticity. If you don't know how to create space and melt down, your ego is enough to kill you. Continually ask yourself, "the way you are thinking is it supporting your Inner, Outer, Others and Life Image you want to have.`` Are you aligning your thinking to that. TRANSCRIPTS:- I wanted to continue to expand on the subject which I was expanding yesterday -- THE SCIENCE OF CREATING SPACE. This science is the most powerful, most sacred, and what Krishna calls in the 9th Chapter of Bhagavad Gita, "Raja Vidya, Raja Guhya Yoga"; means, the "Royal Knowledge, Royal Secret". This science needs so much of Completion. If you just see, today morning, before the satsangh starting, I asked some of our Swamis to do bhajan. This is going on for the last one week. Still they are not even able to come to a visualization how they should present themselves! So much of arrogance, incompletion and unable to relate with life! Just two days before, during the arangetram, how those singers have presented themselves, that could have been enough example. So much lesson could have been learnt from them. You may think, 'Just by the way of sitting, what is there? Why Swamiji should take this so seriously?' There are some stupid fellows thinking like that. 'Why is Swamiji so serious about every small point?' Understand, authenticity aligns even the way you breathe; not just the way you sit, on what you sit, not just your asana, the way you sit, it aligns even your breathing, your thinking! Now I will have to sit and google, find how the traditional singers sit and present themselves, and then take it out and give! Then only they will look even further! Four people were sitting. Each one will lift up the hands, 'Not mine! It is not mine! It is not mine!' One thing you can be sure, you are all not qualified for Sannyas! All the four are not qualified for Sannyas! Because, Sannyas starts with your ability to stand for your authenticity. If you have to do Puja, your whole dress, the jewellery you are wearing, the marks you are wearing, your body language, the way your voice......everything has to change. If you are sitting and teaching, the way you sit, on which you sit, your asana, your body language, your words, everything has to change. That is what is "Authenticity"! That is what is "egolessness"! 'Oh, I am a Mahant. I only do enriching and manage all my Kotharis. Suddenly if you ask me to sing how can I? What do I know? Only today morning they called me.' No! That is what I call "ego". Understand, even in your life, you go on disrespecting the space you need to hold. When you are sitting in your office, if you don't know the laws of the people who are sitting around you and your team, and if you try to apply the laws of the house, the way you deal with people in the house if you try to use the same law with your team without bring that Completion.... Please understand, if you bring Completion, your team, family, both will have the same level of intense love, connections, Advaitha state with you. But if you don't bring Completion, the law of team is different, law of family is different. That is why the fellows who are having affairs in the office will never be successful in their career. Having affair in the office is suicide, your career suicide! Whatever may be the profession you have taken up, if you have affair in the office, your whole career will die, because you will not have the right space for the office in the office. First of all, understand, the space you have inside you is like an inner organ. Just like your kidney, heart, intestine, your physical organs, the space you carry is an inner organ. If you are constantly carrying a depressed space, or the impossible space, non-enthusiastic space, non-committal space -- 'Oh, if I have to sing, two days before they have to tell me, and then I will have to do this, this, this, this, this, this, and then ten times I will send a report up and down that this is not there, that is not there. Ma Advaith told me not to touch the gurukul kids; they have examination; this, this, this, this, this, this.' Finally, also, you will mess up. So much of arrogance and impossibility! I can say, the modern-day kids are cursed with this impossibility, because the bringing up of the urban lifestyle itself is impossibility. I have seen in the villages, one man will do electricity, plumbing, construction; anything you ask, he will do it!

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