Science of Temples

June 24, 2012


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) launches his grand series on the history and pre-history of Madurai. He begins by explaining the science of temples. Each stone deity image is a transmitter of the invisible frequency of super-consciousness. Just as satellite dishes transmit information to radio and television, the deities radiate the vibration that raises us to enlightenment. In ancient Vedic culture both home and temple had centers for conscious imparting of higher frequencies. At home, people sat in their pooja rooms (shrine area of the house) and received, just as today they sit in front of their television sets and receive a far lower quality of communication. In the temple the broadcast was continuous, sending out a powerful beam on a wide band. However, the receptors for the frequency of super-consciousness lie in the non-mechanical parts of the brain, whose development has been suppressed by contemporary conditioning. Once these parts are awakened and activated through the process of unclutching, we can integrate the temple information once again and the civilization of enlightenment can be re-established. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- We will enter today's subject . It is such a vast ocean Meenakshi's history and the history of Madurai Adeenam. Recorded history itself is very little. Very little known information. And unrecorded Akashik readings are so much. I have the sink the whole thing in tune. It is still taking time for me to comprehend, especially to present it in your language. The language in which all of you can understand. I can see literally, so much of cosmic information from the Akashik readings, Akashik recordings are getting downloaded and getting ground, processed to get expressed in the language in which you all can grasp, you all can understand, you all can receive, you all can enjoy. So it is taking little time. I will answer some of your questions today related to this temple culture, as part of this satsang series, Madurai Adeenam series. This is a question from Rajeev, India. Beloved Master, people not belonging to this culture knows very little about this particular Meenakshi temple. Please tell us who is Devi Meenakshi and her husband. Why this grand temple? What are the visible and invisible functions of this temple. Please tell us Swamiji. Read the next question also. As we see in our present time, towers of mobile TV or dish TV antennas everywhere connecting invisibility, to satellites doing an incredible function for individuals and for society. My question is there is and was everywhere temples and deities in this culture. Anybody coming from outside just wonders is this just sentimental carved stones worshipping culture or just artistic sculptures. What is the invisible function of temples, deities? See, both questions - same answer. That is what I wanted to answer both questions together. Modern day dish TV, antennas, mobile towers, all of them work in the level of certain frequency where the words, pictures, visuals can be transmitted. See, the verbalization and visualization, names and forms, can be transmitted from one place to another place through this mobile towers, dish TV antennas. But the temple towers are created to transmit super consciousness from one place to another place. Please understand, in Meenakshi's time there was television, conscious television. It used to be in stone slab and if you just sit in front of that stone TV, meditate, connect with Meenakshi, she will appear live and answer whatever you want. So, each of the stone slabs only slowly, later on became deities. You can see in our temples, this one happening. The TVs in which i am appearing and speaking, are slowly becoming deities. They are receiving worship. Flowers are offered to it. Aarati is done to it. Incense is given to it. Now, all our temples are planning to have a separate throne for this TV. In Los Angeles, already I am on the throne. The TV is in the throne. The TV in which people are seeing me have already become deity. Same way, please understand, the stones through which people are able to connect with the super consciousness have become deities. Same way, all our temples, deities, everything, is a connecting mechanism with super consciousness. The mechanism which connects with the super consciousness. Please understand, the deities and temples are not just sentimental carved stones, or they are not just artistic sculptures, they are conscious transmitters. They raise you to the super consciousness. In each house in Vedic tradition, we have a puja room. All the puja rooms are your private, conscious airports, are conscious transmission centers. The main temple is the place from where continuous super consciousness is radiating. So if you just sit and connect with the deep feeling connection.. see in those days, human beings were so beautiful and simple, just remembering the name of the deity is enough,

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