Secret of successful relationships

April 5, 2014


In today's (5th April 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda elaborates on how to have success in life by practicing Advaita. We think that everything ends in victory but in fact, victory comes from a space of violence, incompletion and grabbing from others -- win or lose, we will take another birth from this karma. On the other hand, Advaita is success. It shows us how to be successful through expansion, creativity and completion. Let us not accept victory if we can't have success from Advaita. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will continue to expand on Living Advaitha. Please listen! The last few days I am working with you all making the Advaithic experience, the non-dual experience as living space. Please understand, the greatest gift you can receive from an incarnation is permanently getting established in Advaitha, means the lasting experience of non-dual consciousness. Everything else can be memory. Please listen! Please come to the space of listening! Whatever you receive from an incarnation other than Advaithic experience is waste of life. Don't miss the space of Advaitha when you have the great fortune of associating with an incarnation. Understand, the space of Advaitha is the best gift you will receive from an incarnation. The second important truth you need to understand is, it is not difficult. It is not difficult at all! You just have to DO it! It is neither difficult nor easy. It just needs a technique, knowledge, understand? I don't want to say it is easy; then you will take it for granted and never do it. I don't want to say it is difficult, because it is NOT difficult; it just needs a simple knowledge and your decision to DO it. First, decide to experience Advaithic consciousness, the space of Advaitha with a small group. Hope all of you understand the process I am putting all of you through. The last two days, all of you have prepared your teamily and the list of your incompletions. Today, I requested all of you to be here, and I am seeing through two-way video-conferencing many of you and your teamily members. I know the whole teamily may not be here, but my blessings for you and your sincere effort. And I also wanted to complete with you all: Today, the Annapoorna Temple Mahant and Acharya of the Annapoorna Temple, both of them should have been here. And, yesterday itself, evening, they told me that they will not be able to come. It is not actually their mistake. Suddenly some VIPs have come to the temple and they have to be there to attend. See, in India, the spiritual gurus' routine, religious leaders' routine is not in their hands. And, it is not his mistake. And, moreover, now this is the election season; all the VIPs, all the political VIPs, everyone is here. So, naturally, when they come to the temple and they plan to come to the temple, the Mahant has to be there to receive them and bless them. So, he got caught in unexpected appointment, unexpected visit. So, he could not make it. Yesterday he informed me in the evening; both of them. And, I wanted to complete with the whole Sangha on behalf of them, because yesterday I told all of you that both of them will come and grace us, bless us for a few minutes. But they have not been able to come. Anyhow..... I am very happy that the whole Sangha is taking up this experiencing Advaitha in a very sincere way. Please understand, all great spiritual awakening happens only by the experience of non-dual consciousness, Advaitha Sathya. Sometimes people may feel one life is not enough to experience Advaitha. People may feel it is very difficult to experience Advaitha. Whatever you may feel, the truth is Advaitha is the ultimate, and IT IS POSSIBLE! This should be your lifestyle! So, let me come to the spiritual process all of you are going through: First thing, you all chose your Teamily members. Second, penning down all the incompletions you have with your teamily members. Third, today is the third process you are going to start. Before you start the Completion with all your teamily members, explain what is Completion and how it is going to help both of you. Please understand, your teamily members should be very clear how the Completion process is going to help him also. You should make him understand. You should listen yourself. You should listen to your own words. You should be able to listen to your speaking and be able to speak into his listening. Please listen! We all only know speaking while others are speaking, and listening when others are silent! Be very clear, you should be able to listen when you speak. You should be able to speak into the other person's listening. So, today, you will explain to your whole teamily.

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