Secret of Time & Anti-ageing: Nithyananda

September 7, 2010

183,969 views Reverse the process of Aging - Inner Awakening In this discourse, Paramahamsa Nithyananda scripts a groundbreaking theory on the secret of time and describes how the correct understanding of time can directly help in anti-ageing process. Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes Kalabhairava - the lord of time and the metaphorical meaning of Kalabhairava. He explains in detail how the west and the east conceive time and how the very understanding of time is responsible for anti-ageing across the two cultures. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- The today's truth, live conflict free and stay young forever. You may think how living conflict free canmake you live young forever? Understand the concept of time in the Vedic tradition. Because of our rishis, our masters, know the time is a one more matter which can be handled, manipulated, used as we want. They've created a clear understanding about time. Please understand, time is a matter, just like a chair on which you are sitting. The chair on which you are sitting, you can move wherever you want. You can either sit on it, or sit on the ground or use as you want. Same way, just like that, time is a matter. What is ageing after all? Look deeply into this idea of time and idea of ageing. See your body is made out of bio-memories. Means lot of thoughts and engraved memories, engrams which inspires you, pushes you into actions. Thoughts, engraved memories which pushes you into actions. These two are the base material for your body. Thoughts are like a random, vague as I said, random fishes jumping. Engraved memories, the thoughts which you picked up again and again to work, those become engraved memory. These two are the base material. Please understand, I am giving one of the important truth. The gap between one thought and the other thought is chana, one unit of time in Vedic tradition. If you pick up more and more thoughts to make it into action, more and more engrams, please understand step by step, first your body is made out of random thoughts and regularized engrams. Regularized engram means the thoughts which you again and again picked up to work, to make into reality. What for you are working? Your, maybe even your thinking is a working. If you're thinking in that particular direction again and again and again, it can be called as working. So, random thoughts like a fishes jumping in the lake and specific thoughts which you again and again picked up, try to make into reality. Try to infuse reality. So engrams, these two are the base material for your body. This is one truth. The other truth, the gap between one thought and the other thought is a chana, means time. As long as there are only thoughts, there is no ageing. Only when the engrams hit the thoughts or the thoughts hit the engrams, the ageing starts happening in your body. Please understand, when you pick up more and more thoughts and try to make them into reality the conflict starts. Ten seconds before you picked up the thought of being in silence and trying to make it reality. Ten minutes later you are picking up the thought of going to the office and working wildly and making money, you want this thought to become reality; then starts conflict. Ageing starts happening there is a con, there is a fight between the engram and thoughts. If there is only thoughts, there is no ageing. There is no ageing. Only the fight between the thoughts and engrams in your muscles is responsible for ageing. If you look little deeply, the time which is a one more matter, itself has no power to distract, destroy your consciousness. Then what is it that is adding so much of fear, insecurity and sense of ageing on us? Please understand the time itself has no power over your consciousness. But in your inner space, which consciousness is also part struggles constantly with fear of insecurity of ageing and getting destroyed or being lost. What is that suffering? What is the reason for suffering? What is that which is suffering? Look both. The reason for suffering is, your thoughts and engrams having conflict. What is that suffering is the bio-memory which is made out of these two. The thoughts and engraved memories. It's a very, very, very, very subtle, deep truth. I wanted you to understand this important fact. If you go and see the kalaabhairava in our ashram, in charge of security, he's the lord of time, you will see he will be standing on the time shaft. Means he is the lord of time shaft, who is beyond time shaft. If you see he will be having his left leg in the front and right leg in the back, funny thing is the right leg represents the future. Left leg represents the past. So he says, past comes before the future. Please understand, now what I am going to utter is past. Please understand what I am going to utter is past. What I am going to say is past. What I am going to do in next one hour is past. I am not saying what I did is past. What I am going to do is past. You may think what? What is happening here?

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