Secrets of Attracting Wealth Workshop (Day 2)

September 30, 2016


Secrets of Attracting Wealth Workshop (Day 2), 27 August 2016: Wealth is not a thing to be accumulated or managed, wealth is an extension of you! The right mental set up is required to create wealth and celebrate wealth. Only an enlightened master can give you the right mental set up.Total abundance includes but is not limited to having all the money you want. It is having all the beautiful things you want to be part of your life. Although many people have mastered ways to attract money, the rest of their lives are not fulfilled. Come learn to attract not just wealth and finance but true abundance in your life. Whether you have it or not, wealth is one of the most controversial subjects which conflicts people their whole lives. Now come learn the keys to a truly prosperous life of wealth in both inner and outer worlds, which includes but is not limited to financial wealth. Whether you're rich or broke, this workshop will be a breakthrough for you to reach the next level.

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