Self drive from the right context

June 15, 2014


In this (10th June, 2014) morning's satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about Self 'Drive. He explained that Self Drive is the source of the knowledge we hold; Saraswathi and if self drive dries up it is from violence or greed. The reason for acquiring knowledge is to be sure you have the right context for self drive. Self drive is the only energy you have and it can be brought forward to the next life. Self drive in the right context is Living Advaitha and the scale to measure integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I wanted to expand on this one word, "SELF-DRIVE". Please understand, self-drive is the source of the knowledge a human-being has. Means, that is Saraswathi. Knowledge is not the number of books you read, Knowledge is not the number of concepts you know; Knowledge is the amount of self-drive you have. Understand, giving the right context to the self-drive is only the job of Saraswathi, Knowledge. When there is a right context, self-drive never gets dried up. If it gets dried up, it is from the wrong context, it is the lower level pleasures; it is not self-drive. Self-drive which gets dried up is from violence, or from greed. Please understand, the self-drive which comes out of fear and greed gets dried up just in a few days. Giving the right context for your self-drive is the job of Saraswathi. All the knowledge, the reason for all the knowledge, reason for all the books, reason for all the knowledge-transmission mechanism is to give you the right context for your give the right context for your self-drive! Giving the right context for your self-drive is the source, purpose, reason, cause, sole cause of your knowledge. And, I tell you, your self-drive is the greatest wealth you can have which will never be lost, which will come with you for births after births after births! Self-drive is the one and only wealth you can carry from one birth to another birth. Please understand, if you want to go to the U.S., you have to change Indian currency to U.S. currency. If you want to come from U.S. to India, you have to change U.S. currency to Indian currency. The same currency will not be useful in the other country. Same way, when you leave the body, whatever you accumulated in this birth -- wealth, love, relationships, properties -- nothing will be useful in the next birth, but the self-drive you accumulated will be there with you in your bio-memory as your asset. I tell you, self-drive is Lakshmi. Self-drive is the ultimate wealth, ultimate asset anyone can accumulate, anyone can acquire. Not having self-drive is nothing but deep hatred towards you or towards others, life. I tell you, whoever does not have self-drive has a deep negative pattern about life and others. They are constantly abusing life and others, criticizing life and others, have deep incompletion with others and life. Self-drive is the highest wealth anyone can accumulate. I tell you, you can lose anything, but don't lose your self-drive, and especially in the right context. Setting up the right context for your self-drive and, listen, and driving yourself continuously is the greatest wealth. I wanted to remind all of you, all tiredness, all boredom, is nothing but the self-conflicts and self-contradictions, self-conflicts and self-contradictions. Self-conflicts and self-contradictions! People with self-drive are rewarded by Kaalabhairava with life. People who don't have that are slammed by life, Kaala. Understand, self-drive is life. From the right context, self-drive from the right context, self-drive from the right space! Self-drive is the only energy, Durga, you can have. Nothing else is energy. Not your muscle power, or your thinking power, all that is not the top energy. Self-drive is THE energy of life, understand? Self-drive is Saraswathi. Self-drive is Lakshmi. Self-drive is Durga. Driving yourself constantly! I tell you, anything which stops your self-drive from the right context is incompletion; immediately complete it and get rid of it. It is your incompletions; immediately complete it and get rid of it. Self-drive from the context of Advaitha is what I call "Advaithic Activism". I request the Sangha, Nithyananda Sangha to start using more and more the word "Advaitha", "Living Advaitha", "Science of Living Advaitha". Advaitha, the word "Advaitha" should replace the word "Enlightenment" in our Sangha, because the word "Enlightenment" is loaded with too much of corruption. It is hijacked and loaded, polluted, corrupted with so much of meaning, and so much of difficulty, so much of fear. I think, for what I am offering to the world, not only the truths,

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