Shanti Mantra - Peace Declaration

July 9, 2016


"“I am Sadāshiva. Let my limbs, speech prāṇa, eyes, hearing, everything be fully matured and enriched. All is Brahman, Consciousness that is revealed in the Upanishads – sarvaṁ brahmopniṣadam.” Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the rare, ultimate sacred secret – Mahadeva Rahasya and enlightens us with the real meaning of the Shanti Mantra from Kena Upanishad on 8th July 2016, from Varanasi. The whole Hindu tradition is Peace based tradition. Shanti Mantra has been wrongly translated as ‘peace prayer’ to misrepresent the authentic tenets of Hindu tradition. Shanti Mantra, in this pure meaning, is PEACE DECLARATION. “Here in this whole declaration, Shanti Mantra, nowhere said or unsaid way, even has the inference, nowhere anybody is praying to anybody. Hinduism is authentically tradition of Peace. they know the secret – Peace starts from putting all your ‘pieces’ together – Integrity. Putting all your pieces together is the first step for Peace.” He also reveals the secret of Mahadeva, explaining that in the Shaivaite tradition, the disciples of an Enlightened Guru do not do any spiritual practices. He gives a commandment to all his disciples and followers that “Thou shall not do any spiritual practice. If you are my disciple and doing any spiritual practice, it is disrespect to Me. Declare and manifest. First and foremost lesson you need to know is declaration of your will, the straight method to manifest powers. Today start with this declaration. This whole Shanti Pātha is the declaration of Sadāshiva manifesting Himself through you.” auṁ āpyāyantu mamāṇgāni vākprāṇaścakśuḥ śrotram-athobalam-indriyāṇi ca sarvāṇi | sarvaṁ brahmopniṣadam mā’ham brahma nirākuryām mā mā brahma nirākarod-anirākaraṇamstva-nirākaraṇam me’stu | tadātmani nirate ya upaniṣatsu dharmāste mayi santu te mayi santu || auṁ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ || “Let the sacred truths manifest as sacred experiences, sacred semtiments and sacred powers, fully manifest and radiate in me, who, am integrated and authentically devoted to knowing and experiencing that Truth, Ātma, the Self – tad ātmani nirate ya upaniṣatsu dharmāste. May they manifest and radiate in me – mayi santu te mayi santu. Mahadeva Rahasya, the secret of secrets There is nothing, nothing between you and Sadāshiva other than your self-doubt. Declare to yourself again and again. Decide to manifest. I AM SADĀSHIVA AND THIS IS THE WAY I WANT MY LIFE TO BE. Declare again and again and again. Stand with it. Keep this as your declaration today. This is one of the most powerful declaration to manifest all the experiences, sentiments, powers of Oneness. Experience of Oneness is Shāstra. Sentiments from the Oneness is Stotra. Power from the Oneness is described as Sutras in Hindu tradition.” "

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