Shiva Sutras Integrate & Evolve

November 5, 2006


From the works of Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Shiva Sutras are techniques given by Shiva Himself to Devi for her enlightenment. In this clip Nithyananda speaks on the need of enlighetened masters to give various techniques to the disciple based on where the disciple is - earth, water, fire, air or ether. For those who are working with the earth element, you have to start with techniques related to earth such as rituals and diety worship. Those who can relate with fire can start with techniques such as homas. In the sublest level, relating with ether is the technique to experience the ultimate. In this Sutra Shiva is trying to work with us through Prana (air energy). Complete discourse titled Integrate and Evolve may be purchased at

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