Shivoham - Create the Ultimate Identity for Yourself

October 6, 2014


I welcome all of you with My love and respects. In today’s (6th October, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gifts us with this sacred secret: all of us are always in the space of Advaitha! We only need to decide to move towards that space. The mode in which our inner space operates, our inner image, is evident by the people we have around us. We should look around and note the types of people around us. Shifting our perceptions about ourselves, while practicing completion, is the way to change the situations and people that come to us. TRANSCRIPTS:- Come on, today’s Kalabhairava’s revelation! Still the energizing process is going on. Today also realized, when the Shivalinga is energized, it can be energized only by pure consciousness, but the lingas I am energizing are not just Shiva Lingas, there is a Sri Chakra on it, So each lotus petal, each triangle, is a divinity of Devi that represents one ideal, one energy, so each of those energies getting energized are revealing what is the truth they represent, into My system. Those truths only I am coming talking last few days. The today’s revelation: and actually, it’s a revelation into the science of Sri Vidya. See, already the science of Sri Vidya says each of those lotus petal, actually 16 lotus petal, then 8, then 43 triangles, then bindu; and below that 6 lotus petals, and 3 square lines. Now each of those energies revealing the ideal they represent; the satyas they represent. Maybe once the energizing process is over, when we connect everyday satsang and the whole Sri Chakra, we will know clearly which Devi represents which great Truth, Advaitha Satya, It is one of the greatest and most exciting Truth, because such powerful revelation, I was so excited, Listen! All of us are always in the space of Advaitha, whether you are completely unaware, unconscious, or you are in the peak of realization! Please listen. The practical implications of this Satya need to be understood. See, if your inner space is in the mode of self-denial, you will have exactly the friends, family, people with self-denial only falling in your eyes, senses, perception. If you are in the mood of Completion, you wil have only the people want to do Completion falling in your perception. Listen! So, whether you are in the state of a devil, demon, bhoota, preta, rakshasa, mooni, kinnar, gandarava, aksha, rakshasa, rishi, whatever space you are in you are in Advaitha! So that can never be lost! If you are in the space of completely denying you, you will exactly perceive only those people who are also in self denial and denying you; you will be denying them, they will be denying you, both of you will be having a great Indian mother in law, daughter in law, relationship. Then, if you decide to Complete, suddenly everyone around you will be struggling towards Completion. Understand, when you allow the higher intelligence of you to pull you up, raise you constantly, suddenly you will perceive guru happening in your life, because your own part of you, which is constantly pulling you up, only allows the guru to happen in your life and continue to exist in your life. Only then you perceive guru in your life. If you are in the level of, “oh, he has stolen my 200 rupee, he may steal my plastic bucket,” you will only have only the people around you, in your perception,in your life style you will only have the people, who will steal your mug, jug, the cloth you kept without using, or the shampoo packet you hid under your pillow, you will exactly have only this kind of people in your perception. And, when you start perceiving, “oh, I will defame this fellow, I will destroy his identity,” you will see exactly that kind of people around you, who will be defaming you, and trying to destroy your identity. Understand, listen, now I have to answer one of your important doubt: one of the devotee who came to see me was asking, “Swamiji, I am asking really, why did You come down to live with human beings?” END OF SATSANG:- So don’t waste your time in small small subtle differences Whether you find yourself having a greater idea whether you utter Shivoham or Nithyanandoham, whichever word reminds you the highest perception about you, use that, that’s all. It is the perception about you needs to be raised, raised, raised is the goal, so choose any one, Nithyanandoham, Shivoham, or Nithyananda Shivoham,constantly or even just simple Soham, any one is okay, but constantly remember the highest perception about you is the truth, everything else needs to be completed and dropped. CLICK for FULL Transcripts:-

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