Shivoham Fulfills All Dimensions of Life

November 18, 2014


In today’s (18th November 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expands on Shivabodha - the intoxication, trance or the bliss of being Shiva! It is the fear of the fear, which makes us frightened, worried about worrying causes worry and being anxious about anxiety we are anxious. We can decide instead to let knowledge about knowledge make us ecstatic. If we can understand that bliss is going to come, it will make us blissful now. Know the end of our game is not fear, anxiety or worry but it is going to be bliss, Shivoham! TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Today, the further deeper truths on Shivoham! I think, these next few days whatever I am going to speak, share with you all, it can straightaway be called as ‘Shivoham Series’! I am filled with that Shivoham! Understand, Hinduism has four ways, levels, or divisions of people following it. I am not talking about ‘varnaashrama dharma’, I am talking about the present....present. Please listen; the spiritual dimension, religious dimension, social dimension, political dimension. The spiritual - where the Advaithic experience of the Ultimate, religious - where temples, rituals, lifestyle, festivals, celebrations and social dimension - where the Hindu fabric need to be kept together, that social people, means our lifestyle, how we marry, our customs, our way of eating, dressing, housing, the way of interacting, the concepts we have about money, and the way we deal with relationships, the social. Then, political dimension - governing the country based on the principles taught by the ancestors who created this Hindu tradition. The four dimensions, I tell you, Shivoham is the one truth which will fulfil you in all four dimensions. There are many political Hindu organizations missed the spiritual depth of Hinduism. Many spiritually deep organizations missed the social strength of Hinduism. If they concentrate on one, they miss the other. I tell you, Shivoham is the Maha Vaakya, the truth, gives you the Completion in spiritual Hinduism. You will see the depth of enlightenment, the peak of enlightenment. Second, Shiva, lord of all the celebrations and festivals, lord of all the rituals, who receives the first ‘aahuthi’ in all rituals, Mahadeva, the principles Mahadeva represents.... Please understand, if your lifestyle is vegetarian, even one or two days by mistake some non-veg has entered into the body, you can’t be called as ‘non-vegetarian’. The principle for which you stand is vegetarian, then you are vegetarian only. That is just a mishap. Just because one accident happened in your life and you died, you can’t say you never lived! Like that, the principle for which the person stands, if you study, the principles which Mahadeva represents, which Mahadeva is the solidified expression, those are the Hindu fabric, the principles of that Hindu society, in a way, the universal society. ‘Thyaaga’, he is sacrificing for people who don’t even know or recognize his sacrifice is needed for them. When you work for people who don’t even recognize your work for them, that is ‘Thyaaga’. The power he represents, the possibility he represents! HAHAHAHAHAHA! All the great truths Mahadeva represents, that is the basis of social fabric; even though he himself is portrayed or looks like anti-social, he is not anti-social. Above social! You cannot frame him at all. He is a Paramahamsa, all the time sitting in Samadhi. But you can’t call him a ‘Sannyasi’. He has Matha Parvathi, and one Ganesha, Subrahmanya. In some of the Shaiva traditions, even Kaalabhairava and Veerabhadra were shown as sons! And then there is always people who are there to create controversies – ‘How can you have Ayyappa with Vishnu?’ All types of controversies! People who create controversies are not something new; they exist as old as Mahadeva! You can’t call him (Mahadeva) as ‘Grihastha’ (householder), because he is Thyaagaraja. The beautiful ‘griha’, the golden city Vishwakarma (architect of the Gods) built for Mahadeva, literally he (Vishwakarma) poured himself and made that city. It is like you work so much and you put your best and make a beautiful house, suddenly, the priest who came and did the house-warming ceremony (griha pravesha) for you asks you, ‘Give me this house!’, what will happen? You will kick him out! But, Mahadeva just gave that house, gave that city! That is Lankapuri (Sri Lanka). LINK FOR FULL DESCRIPTION:- video/shivoham-fulfills-all-dimensions-life

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