Shivoham is Inner Awakening - Shivaratri Night Special Satsang

March 4, 2014


27th February, 2014 Special Shivaratri Night Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda · Exact auspicious hour of Mahadeva assuming his formless space · Tonight if you don't sleep awakening will happen · For experiencing awakening -- define awakening : having the right understanding about you . having the understanding as basic cognition for every functioning ( mind, body , intellect ) . · To worship something you need to know what you are worshipping and you need to know about you . · In our case, neither we know whom we are worshipping and who is worshipping - that is why I say worship can never happen. · Bringing the right context, right understanding about you to you -- INNER AWAKENING. · When you do not have right understanding about you , · you don't know what is good for you , what is bad for you . · Message to be part of your inner space : bring the right understanding about you to you. · The rules you impose on others, when you do not have the right context about you , you start imposing that on you . · Imposing on yourself the rules you create for others : Self Black Mailing(SBM ) · Not having SBM is TAPAS. You will express all your peak possibility . Mahadev is embodiment of no SBM. · When you try to act as a victim to others, you believe that . · If you complete with the SBM patterns, you will do extraordinary things. · Introducing a Principle :SBM - Just like SDHD , SBM is an important negative pattern · Any restricting principles which you strongly believe and adopt it in your body , mind and lifestyle becomes SBM pattern. · When you are complete with the SBM pattern , even if life brings mess , you will make message out of it. · Antidote for SBM : INNER AWAKENING -- the right introduction you can have about you to you . · Right introduction I can give about you to you -- SHIVOHUM ! · SHIVOHUM : Wherever the idea I is experience , all that is Shiva. --If you feel you exist you are shiva. · However difficult long, diff the incompletions may take to complete, how much ever you may be enjoying your incompletion , and vasana , you can rest only when you have the right intro about you to you . · All conflicts in life is between Creativity and Sustenance · All conflict is world is between Brahma and Vishnu , · Brahma- lord of knowledge · Vishnu -- Lord of Wealth · Neither wealth nor knowledge could catch Mahadev. · Going up is Rajas( Brahma ) , going down is Tamas ( Vishnu ) , Mahadev is in between ; Satva. · Whether if your incompletion makes you create or maintain , be clear : you will be incompletion! As long as powerlessness is the source, you will be in incompletion. · Solution : Till next Amavasya ( less that next 30 days ) constantly bring this one truth ; Shivohum to your cognition. Go on completing with incompletion around this Shivohum. · Put this fire of Shivohum ( I am Shiva ) , go on completing incompletion arises when cognising "I am Shiva ". Take it like a game . · Anything you want to have in your life, you are intelligent and intense enough to have it. · Cognising means trying to internalise thing, act form the truth -- Shivohum. · Your body language will change because your body will change. Your mental language will change because your mind will change. · I am not singing poetry . I am writing prescription and diagnosis summary. · I am speaking for you to wake up ! · Any incompletions that come , don't accept nor resist. Any resistance will make you powerless; any acceptance will make you lazy. · Awakening your inner potential energy -- Kundalini Awakening. · By initiating you into this great formula : Shivohum , I am going to awaken your Kundalini Shakti.

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