Shivoham - The Experience Of Lifetimes At Varanasi

May 7, 2015


In today’s special satsang (5 May2015), live from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, embodying Shiva’s energy, kindles the blissful space of Shiva from Ananda Vana, the blissfilled abode of Shiva Himself. The ‘Shivoham Experience—Divine I Am’ is about to divine-fold in Shiva’s City, which is city of only Gods—with Inner Awakening (May2015). Here, Shiva imbibes, embraces you from all directions as part of HIM, in His love current flowing as Ganga. Shiva’s experience of lifetimes must be physically lived. Mahadeva’s welcoming energy invites you to be here, where Kalabhairava protects you, Annapurni Devi feeds you—such Divine Living Energies are much more intensely alive at Kashi than our existence. Paramahamsa Nithyananda invites all to just be at Varanasi, the city older than legends and never ever forsaken by Shiva. If you have already made it to Varanasi, Inner Awakening—Shivoham Experience of 21-days, you are blessed with the rarest SHIVOHAM experience of Cosmic Consciousness, which makes you a Shiva Gana, embodying and radiating Shiva. He makes himself available to answer Dial-the-Avatar calls whole day to bless anyone who seeks Inner Awakening at Varanasi.

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