Siddha Tradition 1: Nithyananda Morning Satsang (13 Nov 2010) Message

November 13, 2010


This morning was the beginning of a month long dialogue by living enlightened master and avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda on the great, secret, until now almost forgotten Siddha Tradition. This is the stotra (hymn praising aspects of the divine) from 'Peri Jnana Koval' where all the great siddhas are remembered. In prayer pose Paramahamsa Nithyananda said this blessing: "Siddhas who are named here and not named here I humbly request their presence be here. Bless all of us, guide all of us, to understand, experience and radiate the great siddha tradition. Oldest, greatest, most secret and ultimate powerful tradition is this tradition. Please understand, all the words uttered I am responsible for: oldest, greatest, most secret and ultimate powerful tradition." As Krishna says -- 'Raaja Vidya Raaja guhyam' -- when it is most powerful, it is always guarded as the most secret. It is the greatest science of the inner world, comprehending all dimensions of inner world: medicines to heal the body, techniques like yoga, pranayama, kriya to heal the body and experience extraordinary powers in body and have spiritual awakening, experience in the body. Yatras, mantras, tantras, techniques to handle the whole cosmos as they want. They have tremendous experience of illusion in their being and tremendous capability to play with this illusion and alter it to however they want. The most practical life affirmative tradition is siddha tradition. The Siddha Tradition is the only tradition which has pill for enlightenment. They can give enlightenment just like a pill. And it is doable. They have done it. Beautifully Paramahamsa Nithyananda said, "As the living representative of that tradition I promise the world, I will do it for you guys." To the amazement, and delight of all gathered, Paramahamsa Nithyananda promised to resurrect this ancient, secret tradition. He explained that Life is fake. Whatever you know as reality appears as reality because those parts of the brain are awakened. If some other parts of the brain are awakened you will see something else as reality. For example in your dream, different other parts of your brain are awakened and so you will see something different in the dream. Siddhas have mastered the ultimate chemistry of awakening different parts of your brain into a different chemistry. This is the alchemist process - rasa vaada. Suddenly you see other realities. In this discourse, he says he will not only be curing and healing people from their illnesses through siddha medicines, he will be helping people express extraordinary powers like levitation and extraordinary siddhis. He said reviving the Siddha Tradition is going to be the greatest contribution for 2012 spiritual explosion. Today he introduced the first Siddha medicine: Tumeric which balances all the cold and water related problems. In the next level, turmeric balances the irritation. By wearing processed turmeric, kumkum, on the third eye centre, or ajna chakra, your awareness enters the pineal gland and you become sharp. Stay in restful awareness of this chakra all day for maximum benefits.

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