Siddha Tradition Day 3 Siddhas and Their Siddhis Nithyananda Morning Satsang 15 Nov, 2010 Message

November 26, 2010


Today living enlightened master and avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda continued his series on siddhas and their siddhis. He began by giving the names of the main siddhas and invoking their presence. Within two days siddhas of entering into our sangha, their presence is doing so much. He doesn't know what all is going to happen, but it will all be auspicious. Yesterday Paramahamsa Nithyananda spent 6.5 hours initiating healers. It was an intense, other worldly experience for all who attended. This morning he admitted that the energization was one of the best energy expressions to happen on the planet earth. And the best energy circus done by him. Visibly, so visibly, he saw energy expressing without becoming matter. The frequency to which he brought energy allowed it to be in the room without becoming matter. That frequency, that energy expression, he admitted, was the greatest game or miracle he had created in the ten years of public life. For those who were on stage with him, inside that breathing space, he said they could touch and feel the God in the air. More than 90% of the people (being initiated) he did not even touch. He was only playing. They were initiated as soon as they stepped into the energy field. To keep that energy in the satsang this morning, he read a Sanskrit prayer. This verse was an invocation of all the great siddhas, he wanted them all to be present radiating and blessing all of us. He explained some of the history of the tradition and explained how each of the levels of experience is accompanied by its own set of herbs. He classified the siddhis into five categories. • The energy expressed in the physical layer: materializing, teleporting, this is annamaya koshi. Thousands of herbs are used for this. • Next level pranamaya koshi siddhis they can play with air, prana, and cure whole country from disease. They were not just curing one by one. Sometime some peculiar disease would spread like wild fire. The siddha would go to city and just breath the air and the disease will disappear, curing the whole village. Actually this Neem tree, and sandal these two trees were used for curing forever, the whole air. • Third level is manomaya koshi -- miracles, awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain just through herbs. People will be able to put you in spiritual experience, joy forever. For this Tamarind is used. • Fourth level is Vignanamaya Koshi -- entering into different bodies. This is what he demonstrated yesterday. Just the few bodies he allowed in his presence to work, some people were completely shaken, some completely stable. Understand there was no difference between shaken and stable. There are some with strong devotion that has not become bio memory. • Anandamaya Koshi - miracles is the last level - Directly transmitting the enlightenment experience and bolting in body by herbs. Banyan trees are used for this. Amazingly all of these trees are found naturally on the ashram grounds. And, to process these materials for medicines, snake hole mud is needed, and the ashram used to be a snake farm. There are thousands of snake holes on the property. So everything is perfectly made for siddha tradition to grow; one more miracle of siddhis, siddhas.

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