Siddha Tradition: God Consciousness - Nithyananda Morning Satsang (01 Dec 2010)

December 2, 2010


Today Paramahamsa Nithyananda welcomed the participants of his newest Inner Awakening Program. People from all over the world have descended on the ashram for 21 days of intense process with the master. Continuing on Siddha tradition topic, today he explained God Consciousness. On the chart he has created with the five states of consciousness according to the Siddha Tradition. These five states overlap each other to create a total of 25 states. Of these, five are what he calls God Consciousness, the states experienced by Enlightened Beings. They are: Conscious Waking -- no thought state -- see what is, but reside in Nirvikalpi state. Conscious Dreaming -- aware of any dreams passing through consciousness, simply witness them, but stay aware Conscious Sleeping -- rest in awareness without dreaming or sleeping and awaken refreshed. Conscious Awareness -- can experience this sitting in the Master's presence, you are conscious of pure awareness -- this is Upanishad. Conscious Consciousness -- merging with the master -- there is no definition or scale to judge this. By being aware of these states, you will be able to find a true guru to follow. If you experience any of these states when with a master, he is authentic. If, instead, you experience troubled, heavy sleep, you are with a psychic or a dark arts practitioner. If, upon awaking from sleep, the world has more depth, deeper colors, more awareness, you have received energy darshan from an enlightened master, and should follow this one. These states are experienced by someone completely established in enlightenment. Whatever they do, they radiate God. Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a living enlightened master and a rare incarnation, an avatar who is the spiritual force for our millennium. He has inspired over 4 million lives worldwide to a new conscious age of enlightened living and has healed many thousands from chronic diseases and mental problems & traumas. The most watched and most popular spiritual teacher on Youtube globally with over 7000 hours of discourses, he has dedicated his life and the spiritual mission with over 1200 full-time volunteers to teach the science of enlightenment. His spiritual teachings, life solutions and meditation workshops are the extraordinary works of a Spiritual Genius. 'Inner Awakening' is his ultimate offering to create a New Man - a 21 days enlightenment intensive program for a permanent breakthrough in consciousness and to experience living enlightenment, a conflict-free life. Thousands from around the planet are experiencing their Inner Awakening with total physical wellbeing, deep emotional healing, release from past life traumas, DNA reprogramming and actualizing their limitless potential by transcending into a zone of bliss. Go to or to begin your extraordinary way of existing this Dec2010!

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