Siddha Tradition Outer Body Experience - Nithyananda Morning Satsang (17 Nov 2010) Message

November 27, 2010


Living enlightened master and avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda's morning message covered a topic debated around the world, namely out of body experiences. He explained that your body is just like a solar water heater. The sun is the super consciousness, God. The panel on which the sun rays are reflected and becomes energy is the body. Water gets heated through the panel. Same way the source of energy for your body is the reflection of consciousness. The more time the solar panel is directed towards the sun, the more energy will be produced. In the same way, the more your logic is directed towards the super consciousness the more productive, the more useful, the more alive it will be. He went on to define the various kinds of outer body experiences. For some reason if you feel you are little more than your body, suddenly it will break into the system and suddenly your idea about God, Guru, World, death, life everything will completely take a new shift! Your world will be different. How to jump from this side to that side? That breaking point is the out of body experience. Out of body experience can happen in 3 different ways -- 1. Unconscious reason and unconscious experience; 2. Unconscious reason, conscious experience; 3. Conscious reason, conscious experience. 1. It is like coma -- an accident is unconscious reason and coma the unconscious experience. Coma is an out of body experience. No use to it; like in the night time the solar panel not reflecting the sun. No use. 2. Unconscious reason but conscious experience -- this is a very subtle point. All the near death experiences recorded in the western world fall into this category. The reason is not conscious, it was not created. Suddenly with an accident people go into another plane and describe when they come back about a white light and a tunnel, it becomes a consciousness experience and their whole understanding of life changes. They don't live in the same way. He went on to say there is nothing more effective than a life style change. As an example he talked about something that happened with all the ashramites about 2 months ago. The whole ashram except Paramahamsa Nithyananda and another person was anemic. He introduced samaana yoga and simple changes like drinking neem juice in the morning before yoga and eating sesame and jaggery after Yoga. Just few vegetables were bought to our kitchen and a small life style change. Suddenly a few days ago Paramahamsa Nithyananda was informed the whole ashram is out of anemia! No medication, no iron infusion, nothing...just a few simple life style changes. 3. The 3rd type of out of body experience is conscious reason, conscious experience. That is what he is doing in the NSP. In the death meditation -- the process you go through, consciously you go through the fear, you look into the death, go through the fear and consciously you experience the whole thing. The near death experience (NDE) can change your very idea you carry about god, guru, death, fear and greed. In Siddha tradition outer body experience is used as an important turning point for enlightenment for cognitive shift. Tomorrow he said he will speak little more detailed way how entering into the different bodies were used by siddha tradition. Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a living enlightened master and a rare incarnation, an avatar who is the spiritual force for our millennium. He has inspired over 4 million lives worldwide to a new conscious age of enlightened living and has healed many thousands from chronic diseases and mental problems & traumas. The most watched and most popular spiritual teacher on Youtube globally with over 7000 hours of discourses, he has dedicated his life and the spiritual mission with over 1200 full-time volunteers to teach the science of enlightenment. His spiritual teachings, life solutions and meditation workshops are the extraordinary works of a Spiritual Genius. 'Inner Awakening' is his ultimate offering to create a New Man - a 21 days enlightenment intensive program for a permanent breakthrough in consciousness and to experience living enlightenment, a conflict-free life. Thousands from around the planet are experiencing their Inner Awakening with total physical wellbeing, deep emotional healing, release from past life traumas, DNA reprogramming and actualizing their limitless potential by transcending into a zone of bliss. Go to or to begin your extraordinary way of existing this Dec2010!

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