Siddha Tradition: The Secrets To Super Consciousness - Nithyananda Morning Satsang (2 Dec 2010)

December 2, 2010

84,445 views Experience Higher states of Consciousness - Inner Awakening Paramahamsa Nithyananda addressed his ashramites, international volunteers and new Inner Awakening Participants with a talk about Super Consciousness. He explained that by knowing the nature of his super consciousness they can experience their own super consciousness. Krishna says very clearly, "knowing the quality of my inner space, you will be liberated." So knowing the secrets of a living enlightened master and avatar's super consciousness is not about knowing his glory, because that can never be known. It is only a method to liberate ourselves, a technique to liberate us. Unfortunately the secrets to super consciousness cannot be revealed much by the words. Maybe it can be revealed through the presence of the Upanishad, because words are too poor and too small. Sometimes the secrets are better to kept as secret. Not just because it has to be kept as secret by its very nature it cannot be verbalized, revealed, it cannot be understood. Any understanding which gives you the feeling you are something more than body is secret knowledge because it leads you to the super consciousness. Any technique which gives you the experience of cosmos, consciousness more than body it is a secret technique because it leads you to the super consciousness. Anybody who leads you to the super consciousness experience or out of body experience is a secret being in your life because he leads you to super consciousness! People tell Swamiji this is green house of consciousness and nursery of humanity, so why is it not being told to the world? He explained that it is not that he cannot tell, but that it cannot be understood. How will you explain this phenomena? What will you understand? If you feel yourself in the morning more alive, fresh, yet you have not slept, you have then had a glimpse of super consciousness. Swamiji had the entire gathering sit in silence with him, Upanishad. Upanishad means just sitting with intense presence, so that they would be ready for the day's session. So today and tomorrow evening he said he would work on awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain; from day after tomorrow morning awakening the different strands of DNA. But for today, he asked them all to sit in silence with him. "I am revealing the secrets of super consciousness. That which can be spoken, I have spoken in the past 8000 hours. That which cannot be spoken I will reveal it now! I bless all the devotees and disciples who are sitting around the world watching this eN satsang message live even you will experience this revelation -- the secrets of super consciousness. Let you all achieve, experience, live, express and radiate the eternal bliss Nithyananda. Thank you!" Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a living enlightened master and a rare incarnation, an avatar who is the spiritual force for our millennium. He has inspired over 4 million lives worldwide to a new conscious age of enlightened living and has healed many thousands from chronic diseases and mental problems & traumas. The most watched and most popular spiritual teacher on Youtube globally with over 7000 hours of discourses, he has dedicated his life and the spiritual mission with over 1200 full-time volunteers to teach the science of enlightenment. His spiritual teachings, life solutions and meditation workshops are the extraordinary works of a Spiritual Genius. 'Inner Awakening' is his ultimate offering to create a New Man - a 21 days enlightenment intensive program for a permanent breakthrough in consciousness and to experience living enlightenment, a conflict-free life. Thousands from around the planet are experiencing their Inner Awakening with total physical wellbeing, deep emotional healing, release from past life traumas, DNA reprogramming and actualizing their limitless potential by transcending into a zone of bliss. Go to or to begin your extraordinary way of existing this Dec2010!

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