Siddhis (Spiritual Powers) are a Lifestyle for us

March 25, 2016


In this short video, taken from a Q&A session during Conquering Time on 6 March 2016, Nithyananda explains that Siddhi's (spiritual powers) are a natural part of the Vedic lifestyle. Unfortunately, in the last 500, 600 years, siddhi'd have become something rare for us, something exceptional. These spiritual powers used to be lifestyle in India, in Hinduism, in Vedic tradition. This lifestyle got lost when, due to Islamic invasion, the Indian hardware (temples, monasteries, mutts) got dismantled. And when, due to British invasion, India's software got dismantled (the gurukul education, the lifestyle and culture). These two made siddhis as something rare - otherwise it was a science, part of the lifestyle. Nithyananda continues to say that the time has come now to revive this lifestyle - he commits to bringing that lifestyle back. All it needs is a few enlightened beings establishing to all human beings that it is possible, it was there, it was truth, it is truth and it will be truth. And he tells he is confident to do this, as the Gurukul Kids are already doing it. Nithyananda says: 'I tell you, I will be known to the whole world positively, just by my Gurukul'.

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