Significance of Sri Vidya Pooja (Mother Worship) and Sri Chakra

over 15 years ago


Significance of Sri Vidya Pooja (Mother Worship) and Sri Chakra. Swamiji explains that Sri Vidya Pooja (Mother Worship) is what He himself practiced daily for 8 years and that this is the sweetest, easiest and most natural path to connect with the Divine, which in itself is an independent and complete path to lead you to Enlightenment. Swamiji reminds us that our body is an outcome of our Mother's bio-intelligence for which we can only be grateful. Let our inner space be filled with her and she is the gate to experience the Cosmic Mother. This feeling is called Matru Bhava. A subtle connection through the umbilical cord continues to exist and scientific research confirms that the mental state of the mother continues to work on you positively or negatively till you leave the body. In the Vedic tradition, Mother was given more importance than the Father. The Sri Vidya worship includes the Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra, which is a complex sacred geometry composed of 43 interlocking triangles engraved in a copper plate. The 43 triangles represent the 43 energies of our own body, like the energy to breathe, see, anger, lust... Swamiji reveals the science behind the Sri Chakra - whatever you experience, you express that and whatever you contemplate upon - the expression, the same experience happens to you; and Sri Chakra is the expression of Enlightenment; it the Cosmic counterpart of your energies. He reveals the mystical secret that the Sri Chakra is present in our Ananda Gandha, the space between the heart (Anahata) and navel (Manipuraka) centers. Swamiji shares that he had a vision of the Sri Chakra at the age of 10 at the Devi temple in his native village.

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