Simple Lines, Simple Sounds Have Power

November 26, 2014


In today’s (25th November, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes the two components that make up the universe. The whole universe is made of sound and light in the form of verbalization and visualization. Mahadeva represents light and Devi represents sounds. The Science of Sri Vidya is the knowledge of using sound and light, achieving the space of Shivoham – the super conscious space. During the Cambodia Inner Awakening, Paramahamsa Nithyananda will use this powerful science of yantras and mantras to transmit the experience of Shivoham to all the participants. TRANSCRIPTS:- We’ll enter into today’s satsangh. First thing, tomorrow the Nithyanandeshwara Brahmotsava starts with Dwajarohanam – flag hoisting. The Nithyanandeshwara Brahmotsavam is starting. So all the temples should be ready to celebrate. Tomorrow morning, between 6:05 to 7:25, the Dwajarohanam. Pada Puja timing has to change. Pada Puja has to be done by 5:00 to 6:00, and then 6:00 to 7:00 Dhwajarohanam. And after that, satsangh will happen. Today I wanted to expand on a few important truths. Actually when I utter I understand that every word I utter is important. People say I speak so much. Later on you will understand I have not uttered a single extra word. The man, who never uttered a single word which is not required, means he is a “mouni”. Later on you guys will understand I lived in eternal mouna and I am living in eternal mouna, because I have not uttered a single word which is not required, which is not important. See the whole universe is made out of these two: Sound and Light. Means verbalization, visualization. Sound and Light. You need to know if there is some problem in you related to sound, you can’t use verbalisation to correct it; visualization only can correct it. If there is some problem related to light in you, you can’t use the visualization to correct it; only verbalization – sounds – can correct it. Please listen! Listen! The whole universe, including you, is made out of Sound and Light. When the sound and light meets, the universe happens. Mahadeva represents Light. Devi represents Sound; that is why, the syllables, we call it as “maathrika”, “maatha”. Sound is mother, Light is father. When these two – “naadha”, “bindhu” – when these two unites, universe happens. Science of Sri Vidya, the ultimate knowledge, is knowledge of using Sound and Light and achieving the space of Shivoham. That is why all the powerful sounds are used and in a very powerful way the lines are used. See all forms are nothing but lines. Everything you see is nothing but lines; lines in different geometry, that’s all. If you draw the lines straight, two line, it looks like a ladder. If you put the same line like this, it looks like a snake. It is just different lines. And, listen, listen to this, I was reading a paper in the Internet some research paper published. Long before I read this, and I mentioned about this in many of my satsanghs, early satsanghs. One guy was trying to develop a therapy called “art therapy”, means letting the mad people to draw, scratch, paint whatever they want. By painting, drawing, so much of catharsis happens, they get healed, they become alright! The “loose screw” gets tightened! And I have to speak about it separately in one Satsang. No I am really seeing these same boys if they’re in the Ashram from thousand if they will not walk up to Rajya Sabha and they will lie down there but when they’re outside, I think only when they’re outside they will miss me. No really I am seeing even Indians if they’re in Bangalore they will not come to Satsang but if they’re in Sugarland they will drive all the way to Satsang centre, which is far more than Bangalore to Ashram, and attend the Satsang from the centre. If they’re in Bangalore they will not come here to Bidadi but if they are in Los Angeles, two hours they will drive and go to the Satsang centre and sit in the two way video conferencing. Good anyway. Listen. This art therapy I was speaking about it. Come back to it! By painting, painting, painting, painting, painting, in a month they vomit all their madness and they become alright. The funny information is, the doctor who was doing research in all these paintings, he found a very strong similarity between their madness and painting: If somebody has become mad due to women, they all paint in the same way. If somebody has become made due to money, they all paint in the same way. Listen. The last bit of information is the most important: LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/

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