Smaranath Mukthi - Right Remembrance Liberates

October 10, 2019


In this Satsang (10th October 2019), His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam reveals: "Remember this one powerful cognition: Smaranath mukthi - remembrance liberates, remember right powerful cognitions at right time liberates. Remembrance enlightens. Smaranath mukthi roughly translated into English – right remembrance enlightens and empowers. Right remembrance liberates, enlightens and empowers. More and more and more you spend time in NLighten app, that is authenticity and integrity. Make more and more people spend time on NLighten app, that is responsibility and enriching. That’s it. Let us make at least 108 get enlightened and get real powerful cognitions. More and more people you support to get powerful cognitions, the more and more you will manifest powerful cognitions.” To download:

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